craft fair 2012

so i have survived my first craft fair!! it was really quite good. I arrived on Friday feeling very… strange about it all. Its one thing for my friends and family to say they like my stuff (they have to say that! i’d greet if they didn’t) but its very different opening up what you’ve been making to the general public. It is very much like putting out a piece of yourself on show for people to judge..

i had a great spot, directly across from the entrance. i had put a lot of thought into my products but not a lot of thought into the space i would have.. so when i arrived on Friday i was a bit.. perplexed at where to start. Thankfully i had my mam with me and she scooted off back home (twice) to get more things to add to my table.. like my vintage duvet cover (bought from a charity shop) and one of the chairs i covered for my degree show. And that fabric you see on the table under the cushions is taken from my Granny and Grandads in Ollaberry. It used to be an old curtain :)

you can see my sister in the background manning my dads stall (he is a local cartoonist and artist, and a bit of a legend..) which was nice because i always had someone to chat to :)

it was amazing to see all the talented people that come from this tiny island.. there must be something in the sea air. i do think there is just something in Shetlanders.. we are a hardy bunch. I bought some lovely alpaca yarn from one of the stalls which i casted on last night. Im not sure what its going to be.. A headband perhaps. I have lugs which are very susceptible to the cold and the idea of having alpaca around them is quite nice. i also bought this peerie croft hoose brooch from Donna Smith on Saturday.

it was only fair.. she bought some of my croft house related paraphernalia. So cute, yes thats pom poms on my jumper. Its from monki, I was kinda trying to match with my stall.. i think i pulled it off.

thank you to my pal Vivian for taking the photo of me at my stall.. i like how au naturale i look, and not like the manic way i was feeling.

So now, armed with lots of orders.. (yippeeee) i can start my lead up to Christmas. For once im feeling excited this year!

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