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i went with my dad on Saturday after our trip on the boat to the Shetland Museum (handily in the same harbour as aforementioned boat) to hear a talk and see a tour of some of the Museums oil paintings that they have in their collection, It is part of a nationwide programme by the BBC to photograph and make available online all the paintings in archives around the UK, You can read more about it here . Now, i am not a painter.. any of the poor people that had to try and teach me at college know that but i do love paintings and some of them in the Shetland collection were really nice. Ive gathered a few of my favourites which i find really inspiring. Even though i do knitting..Not enough of it at the moment.. but i do, its funny how i can see so many of the aspects or feelings in the paintings that go into my ideas.

Curing Station, Whalsay, Shetlandby John Quinton Pringle
Curing Station, Whalsay, Shetland
by John Quinton Pringle
A Shetland Townshipby Adam Robson
A Shetland Township
by Adam Robson
Papa Stour, Wadder Headby Lesley Burr
Papa Stour, Wadder Head
by Lesley Burr
Untitled by Wendy Sutherland
Untitled by Wendy Sutherland
Esplanade, Lerwickby Dale Hudson
Esplanade, Lerwick
by Dale Hudson
Aith Regatta by Paul Bloomer
Aith Regatta by Paul Bloomer (one of my lecturers when i was at college)
Atween Wadders by Ann Bain
Atween Wadders by Ann Bain

the overwhelming colour in these pictures i like the most is blue.. i really struggle to use blues together successfully in my knitting. I think its probably because i focus more on the land side of things in my cushions, however looking at the paintings makes me want to try and use it a bit more.

click here to see all the paintings in the Shetland Museum collection

One thought on “bbc, your paintings

  1. Thanks, Ella, so much for sharing the Shetland art exhibit here. The few you pictured whetted my appetite & I went to the link to see the others in the collection. Beautiful! Can’t wait until I can come to Shetland & see all the beautiful scenery in person. Maybe this year.

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