here and there..


a rug handmade by my great-granny



a peerie bit of knitting here and there

again, im sorry for the big gap in posting anything.. somehow the more i think i need to do a blog post the less things i can think to blog about..

I have struggled this year to get into the groove with my knitting.. not for a lack of ideas, or plans or time but somehow it just hasnt happened.. happily i am feeling much more positive and pro active now as i had been feeling and some more commissions for cushions are coming in.


a bright and sunny day at Eashaness

This last week has been very busy, i had my cousins wedding on Friday and Saturday night (in Shetland we usually have 2 nights of a wedding) and i did the backdrop for the stage! Traditional Shetland weddings usually take place in a country hall, my mam is from Ollaberry, about an hours drive from Lerwick, and Nicola and Lees wedding took place in the lovely Ollaberry hall. Thanks to the wonder of pinterest i came up with a scallop design using circles.. now i cant draw,cut or write in a straight line, let along a circle so i bought a circle cutter !!! who knew such things exsisted.. amazing. For my letters i did a bit of freehand drawing and cutting and i was really pleased with how it came out..

photo (9)

Congratulations to Nicola and Lee. :)

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