peat bank

Shetland has been covered in an annoying steekit mist for what feels like months, every now and then there is a break in the mist and yesterday was one of those days.

So last night me and Mam went up to Ollaberry, her childhood home and went to the peat bank. This time of year the countryside in Shetland is littered with banks looking like this.  Not so many people do it as it they used to, due to the invention of district heating and the like, but even with district heating our old house is still a bit draughty and we rely on peats for warmth in the winter.


this is how we had left it last time we were there, raised into little piramids. We were doing the not neccesary but extra step of turning the peats so the wettest ones on the inside are on the outside to dry.


and this is how we left it, bigger and fewer piles ready to dry off and get bagged up, and here’s me, still looking slightly hunched over from the bending pleased with our handiwork.


we stupidly forgot to take any type of liquid with us so we went over to my Grandads for a drink, my Grandad has lots of Sheepdogs and as a person that no longer has a dog, this is always a good thing.




i love the view from my Grandparent house, it reminds me of the summers spent in Ollaberry as a peerie bairn, playing with big cousins and dogs (big surprise)


and on the way down from Ollaberry we stopped so i could take a photo of the heather on the hills, everything we go past this Mam has to talk about it, she cant help it ‘loooook at the bonny heather’



it is pretty nice. All and all, a good,productive night. You cant beat free fuel that only requires a bit of a sore back.

and today it was misty again. sigh.

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