iceland – goats at haafell

Hello, I’m sorry for the delay in posting more about my trip to Iceland. Getting back to normal has taken me longer than anticipated and I have had lots to do since I got back!! I thought I’d share some pictures today from the Goat Farm we visited in Haafell in the Borgarfjörður region. IMG_5510IMG_5528

We visited the farm on our first day on the way to our guesthouse. I don’t know a whole lot about goats as we don’t have many in Shetland but they were extremely cute, we were able to see a lot of the newborn baby goats which lets face it is always a good thing.

my favourite baby goat!
my favourite baby goat!


This farm holds a significant population of the Icelandic goat and the family-run farm strives to further and strengthen the breed. The farm was close to closing in the past couple of years but thanks to a crowd funding campaign which had donations from all over the word (you can see the facebook page here) the farm was able to stay open. One of the things that has helped the farm gain attention is that some of these goats were featured in Game of Thrones (I tried to watch it, too gory for me!)




Inside the shed with the mam’s and baby goats there were a few other animals as well, including some new born kittens and rabbits (very like my own rabbit from my childhood, Beano flashbacks!)

IMG_5523 IMG_5521

We were really lucky with the weather on the first day, it was really nice and sunny which made visiting the goats outside much nicer, you could tell they were enjoying the sun as much as us. The guy that was driving our bus said to me about the weather ‘its not always like this you know’ when I mentioned I was from Shetland he came back with ‘Oh so you know the situation then!’ which made me lol.

note the adopted goat to the left, a sheep brought up as a goat!

IMG_5547 IMG_5546 IMG_5543 IMG_5540

I really enjoyed visiting the goat farm, I don’t know much about them as I said but I was amazed at how friendly they were compared to sheep, in Shetland and in Iceland most of the sheep you meet are pretty scared of you and run away as soon as you come near but the goats just sidled up next to you and waited to be clapped!

me cuddling a goat. As you do.
me cuddling a goat. As you do.

The website for the goat farm is here and this is a lovely article with some great photos from when the farm was feared to close.

Speak soon!

9 thoughts on “iceland – goats at haafell

  1. What sort of goats are they Ella? Milk, meat or angora?
    My daughter has a few goats here in Aus, they are meat goats. Very cute, I know what you mean about the kids, I love cuddling them!

  2. Farm critter encounters are always fun. I particularly like your little goat buddy and the sheep adopted by the goats. It looks like you had a lovely day.

  3. Omg that baby goat is the cutest thing! Then a bunny pops up! Good thing my office is empty because there was squealing :)

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