Hello and Happy New Year! thank you for the kind comments on my last post, today I thought I’d take a look back over 2016 and some of my knitterly escapades..

This year was definitely a year of designing for me, that begun with my Crofthoose Hat and the announcement that I would be 2016’s Shetland Wool Week Patron

Photo 08-03-2016, 1 29 04 pm hat IMG_7306

I am so proud of my hat and truly feel it will be one of my most favourite designs forever, this of course, led to my going to Edinburgh Yarn Festival to launch the pattern.. (I can’t wait to go again in 2017!)

2016-03-19_1458380290 10995099_264222047242641_1587444479_n 2016-03-18_1458291950

I also designed a few more patterns using the Crofthoose Motif, the Crofthoose Jumper, Bairns Crofthoose and Crofthoose Mitts which were featured in the Shetland Wool Week Annual 2016thumbnail_SWW Annual vol.2_cover IMG_8167 IMG_8538

I also released two other patterns, the Hap Cowl and Flora Mitts, both contained skills I previously was afraid of – lace and fingers!

img_9544 img_9631-2

I have been so grateful and pleased with the response from my designs this year, it has really helped my confidence with designing and I hope to do much more in 2017, some are already in the pipleline!

Of course one big highlight for me this year was Shetland Wool Week, it was a great privilege to be asked to be patron and It was another great week even though I was so busy!

the wool week banner at the museum
the wool week banner at the museum
crofthoose hats
crofthoose hats


I also did lots of posts with photos which I really enjoyed this year, from clipping Sheep in Bressay, Lambs, the Whalsay Exhibition, Voe Show.. the list goes on.. (I encourage you to scroll through the blog and look at older posts, theres too many to link to!)

IMG_8070 IMG_8111 IMG_8656

IMG_9029 IMG_9350 img_9909

Thank you so much to everyone who reads my blog and comments, I really appreciate it! I hope things continue to grow and get better in 2017, In just under two weeks I am doing my last thing as the 2016 Wool Week patron by heading to New York for Vogue Knitting Live, yes me – going to New York!! So ill be sure to be back soon after it to tell you all about it,

thank you, xx

17 thoughts on “2016

  1. Dear Ella,

    I was in J&S the day after Wool Week( before boarding the ferry to reluctantly leave Shetland) and can attest that you were one pooped out puppy but still on your feet and sending out parcels. You were a real saint to work, teach and patron all at once.

    Yes I can imagine you in New York and at VK. You will be a star.

    Knitty City is my favorite Manhattan LYS but you must see Purl Soho if you have and tiny extra moments. Hahahaha

  2. Nice to remember and see your inspirational productive year in photos and comments. NYC? Hope it is a wonderful experience all around and expands your already abounding creativity and skills.

  3. Oh, Ella, so glad to hear you are coming to VKLive!! I so look forward to seeing you there!
    –Natascha Davis

  4. Hi Ella

    Thank you for this lovely post, your fun designs and vlogs. I wish you a very inspiring 2017 and a wonderful trip to New York. Can’t wait to hear more! You’ll love it!

  5. You are a joy to follow, Ella. Very inspirational. I am so excited you are coming to US/ NY. I won’t be going to VKLive but was luck to meet you in Shetland at Wool Week 2015. I said to mum then, I bet she will be the next patron. Your designs are wonderful, your wool talks have been fun filed, your charity shop adventures make me smile. I wish you loads of fun in NY.

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