crofthoose vest

Hello everyone! You may remember a few years ago I knit myself a vest from a Japanese pattern. The pattern in question was from a Japanese book about Cowichan knitting. I loved the pattern but it had teepees on it which I decided to switch out for something much more common in my landscape – Crofthouses! It was actually the first thing I knit with the motif on it.

The vest which I made is one of the most worn things I have made and I get so many compliments on it whenever I wear it. I have always wanted to make my own pattern for a Crofthoose Vest and I have finally done so…

I knit my original vest in two strands of Jamieson & Smith BSS Aran which is now discontinued but I decided to make this version in another lovely J&S yarn, this time Shetland Chunky! Again I used two strands throughout so this makes for a very cosy vest.

I chose to do this design flat…. I KNOW.. but hear me out – the yarn is so thick (two strands of chunky) that the purl rows don’t last too long and it would have been much too thick to steek. So you knit the whole vest in one piece: up to the armholes and the two fronts and back separately. You then knit the shawl collar in three pieces and finish it off with a crochet edging and a zip

I have done three sizes which are all totally charted out, due to the motif sizes each chart is slightly different but the overall effect is the same – for more information and to buy the pattern see my ravelry page here.  I am so pleased with my vest and am extremely happy to get it released in time for Shetland Wool Week which starts this weekend! You may have also seen another design which I have in this years Shetland Wool Week Annual…

These are my Tveir Fingerless Gloves, another design I am extremely proud of. I was inspired by the tree motif which you often see in Shetland Yokes and I really like them (obvs) I am planning to knit myself a grey pair for winter. You can pre-order a copy of the annual here. It has come to be a must-have publication and there are some beautiful other patterns as well as essays. I can’t wait to get my copy!

So things will be a bit quiet around here until after Wool Week and if you are here I hope you enjoy it and if not I hope you can enjoy it from afar, I’ll be sure to put some pictures on my Instagram so keep an eye out there too, speak soon!

2 thoughts on “crofthoose vest

  1. This vest I would seriously consider. It’s done in thick wool so it’s a quick knit. I’m wearing my Patagonia vest a lot; I didn’t think I would. Maybe a vest would play a role in my wardrobe.

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