einar hat and mitts

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve had a nice summer! Things have been pretty busy around here and today I thought id share my design for this year’s Shetland Wool Week Annual alongside an extra pattern I’ve designed to go alongside it.

This is the Einar hat – when I designed this I think i was still in my all over hat pattern phase after my Houll Hat so I wanted to use a smaller motif which again repeated the whole way up the hat. I used two of these motifs in my Hals Cowl which I desinged last year and I found them very effective so I wanted to use them again. You might think they would be slightly boring to knit but it’s actually really addictive and as a bonus, once you get into it you really don’t need the chart as you can see what’s happening underneath and just follow along. In relation to the colours I once saw an allover jumper which used a really dark background with bright yellows on it and it always stuck in my mind so I went with 2ply Jumper Weight in shades 81, 23, 28 and 91. I love that it was photographed with a bright yellow coat – i love it! So if you would like to knit an Einar Hat the pattern will only be available (for one year) in this year’s Annual which you can order here. There is always a lovely selection of patterns in the annual alongside interesting essays about Shetland so I would highly suggest you get one if you are interested.

Now.. as you know I just can’t leave things be, I like to keep original samples as samples and I like to make myself other versions of my smaller patterns. I also like choosing colours and putting together palettes so I wanted to make myself another Einar Hat in a totally different colourway.

Again I stuck with my old fave 2ply Jumper Weight but instead used 54, 32, 1281 and FC43 – i love how different it looks! It has a much more autumny feel but I think it shows the possibilities with this pattern. By this stage, I was so smug about this new colourway that I thought I’d make a peerie pair of fingerless mitts to go with it!

So these are the Einar Mitts! The motif lends itself really well to mitts and I’m so happy with them, I usually get bored with similar motifs but this time I just knew they would look really good so i had to do it! I’m really pleased with my Einar set and will definitely wear them this winter – the weather has really changed in Shetland the past couple of weeks and the nights are really drawing in.

If you fancy the Einar Mitts pattern you can now download it from my Ravelry store here. We are now getting ready for Wool Week in Shetland at J&S so you probably won’t hear much from me until afterwards. If you are heading to Shetland for the festivities I look forward to seeing you and if not I will speak soon!

Happy Knitting xx

PS. Its explained in the annual but if you are wondering about the name Einar.. once I finished the hat there was something about it which reminded me of an Up Helly Aa shield and I had a look and the 2006 one was really similar (see here) and when I looked into the Jarl that year chose the name ‘Einar’ which means one in old Norse. I thought it fit well with the pattern. :)

8 thoughts on “einar hat and mitts

  1. I love the way the little squares swirl in to the top of the hat. I have a bit of a thing about the decreases in hats being just right and these are beauts! Also love the autumnal colourway of your 2nd version. My school uniform was yellow and black so it’s another thing I have a ‘thing’ about, only not in a nice way ;)

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