big and peerie moories

Hello everyone, just a quick post from me today – I wanted to let you know that my Moorie cardigan from Making issue 6 is now available as an individual PDF in my Ravelry store

Its a simple and subtle Fair Isle yoke, with a slightly cropped, aline shape. I used 2ply Jumper Weight in shades 81 and 1 for this sample – to keep it very black and white (as that was the name of the issue!) but i would love to see it in different colours. The pattern is written for the body to be knit flat until the armholes where you then add steek stitches for the yoke, Ive had a few messages since this came out wondering why I did it like this. I personally would steek the whole body but I know that not everyone is a: confident to do this on a plain garment or b: hates purling as much as me. You can easily add the steek stitches after the bottom rib and do that though.

The Making team also put together a peerie bairns version of the pattern – Peerie Moorie, and this was available to subcribers of the magazine, it has also been released back to me so you can get it from my Ravelry store too, i love the photos which were taken of the sample.

So very cute! so although they feel a bit unseasonable at this springtime moment i’m glad to have them available. Happy Knitting x

6 thoughts on “big and peerie moories

  1. That looks a lovely wearable anytime cardi, timeless and stylish too, love it, will put on my to do list , which gets longer and longer, any colour will still look nice.

  2. Been waiting for this to hit your store, this will be garment for next May. Thank you for another stunning design.

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