waar cowl and mojo

Hello everyone, I hope you’re enjoying the beginning of Summer, not that you can really tell that here in Shetland sometimes but never mind.. at least the nights are lighter! Yet again I’ve been quite quiet here, I have been suffering from a serious lack of knitting mojo – this isn’t unusual but sometimes it can really debilitating for me. I get caught in a vicious cycle which results in me not knitting anything because I can’t think about designing and it can feel like when I’m knitting something someone else designed that I should be doing my own stuff! So then I just feel like a frustrated mess.

Anyway. A few weeks ago I decided to force myself out of my funk – as a desinger and knitter I am quite dictated by colour, if I am excited about the colours or yarn I’m using it can make me feel much more excited, I ordered a couple of skeins of Hedgehog Fibres DK in shade Kelp (a yellowy green) and in my head I could see a cowl knit in just 2 colours so I picked up another in Graphite (a grey – which when it arrived was more purple than I was looking for but in the end I like it) I used the Alpaca DK so the drape is really nice. I wanted to use an all over motif I designed a while ago and had started with in another yarn that ended up not looking so great. The way I usually knit Fair Isle (in my right hand with the pattern colour on my index finger and the background between my thumb and index finger) is not the most efficient so I also wanted a project to try and force myself to use my index and middle finger instead and by the end of this tube I had mastered it so that was something. I was pleased with the final thing – its started provisionally then grafted together so it’s pretty seamless and easy to chuck on, it only used one skein of each too.

I didn’t knit it with a plan to do a pattern, just to get myself knitting again but when it was dry I was on my day off so I took some pictures of it and I liked them so I decided to do a pattern – the Waar Cowl is available on my Ravelry store now and I’m pleased with how many people have purchased it already. If you are wondering about the backdrop it is this fabric from Merchant & Mills. Sometimes simple isn’t a bad thing.

6 thoughts on “waar cowl and mojo

  1. My, my!! Obviously you were just SAVING UP your knitting mojo for this! It’s a fine design. And the colors worked out very well!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I don’t wear/waar haha cowls because I’d melt into a grease spot! But will go have a look at this. Thanks.

  3. Beautiful. I thought the gray was really a blue until you said otherwise. Amazing how colors affect one another.

  4. Very nice way to get your mojo back! Enjoy “spring” and the long days. I love ours, and yours are much longer, I would never want to sleep!

  5. Does your lack of knitting mojo coincide with prolonged periods of grey weather? Hope you soon really get back into the swing of things design-wise.

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