still here

perfect rose in the Lerwick flower park, summer 2020

Hello everyone, sorry for posting a couple of times then disappearing again. It’s still such a weird time, in lots of ways things are getting back to normal and then not at all in lots of other ways… it’s hard – as I’m sure it is for all of you to know how to feel or what to do sometimes.

My creative mojo has come and gone over the past few months, it has fits and starts. Sometimes I dive into a project and work solidly until its done and then have weeks at a time where I don’t feel like I do much.

Back in May I took part in a test knit for Gudrun’s Yokey Doke Pullover, it was one of those addictive projects, I loved the bell sleeves and corrugated ribs on the neck and cuffs, I machine knitted the body and sleeves then hand-knitted all the colourwork, I used Supreme Jumper weight in Shetland Black and Jumper Weight in 121, FC46, FC38, 1281 and 29. I love how it came out, it’s not really been cold enough to wear it yet but things have changed the past week weeks and the weather is fairly turning here in Shetland so soon it will be time to wear it.

For something a bit different I also make a Treit by Kate Davies as soon as it was released, I knit it in Shetland Heritage Naturals in Light Grey which is such a beautiful natural colour – again I machine knitted the body which of course speeds up the project more, the lace was easy – I made a mistake at the beginning which you can see on the back :( I wish I just took it back as soon as I noticed but never mind, I still really like the finished top.

Now this next garment I finally finished but this was definitely not an addictive knit, sadly I love to wear classic, plain shapes but hate knitting them… I started it in January – the pattern is Trescao and I made it with one strand of Jumper Weight FC38 along with one strand of Hedgehog Fibres Kidsilk Lace in Rusty Nail and although I love the finished top I really did struggle to make myself knit on it – somehow plain knitting can give me too much time to think.. haha! Its a really nice free pattern, I knit slightly bell cropped sleeves and have more details on my project page.

Thankfully we have had a good summer in Shetland, I am trying to walk as much as I can, lockdown made me appreciate my surroundings much more. Being confined to my local area was difficult and I felt quite trapped sometimes as I’m sure many of you did too, but Shetland as a whole is more accessible to us now which is making things easier..

At the end of July, we lost our cat Etta, she was only 3 and that was really hard, I had been feeling a lot better in myself as my world was opening up but that sort of took me back to square 1. I am still finding it really difficult to look at photos of her and we are really missing her, I’m trying to be glad that one good thing about lockdown was that we were with her all the time in the last few months but still.. not a nice feeling. On Thursday I turn 30 so I’m hoping this new decade of my life brings some happier times (or will we just say 2020 is a write-off and I can have an extra year of my 20s?)

Two good things coming up is I have a pattern in the new Wool Week Annual – it may even be on the cover.. more details soon but you can pre-order it here. I also have a pattern in another new book, the Hesti Hat in the new Shetland Wool Adventure Journal Volume 1 which can also be preordered here

I hope you all have been able to find things to help you get through this time, whatever that may be, speak soon xx

13 thoughts on “still here

  1. Hi Ella, I went looking for a pattern for fingerless gloves and realized that I hadn’t seen a post from you for awhile. Missed you. Will head over to your Ravelry page soon as it is getting pretty cold here in Edmonton, Alberta lately. Did finish the Crofthoose hat and love it. Going to make some thrummed mitts for winter to match the colours. Out of Nova Scotia wool though. Keep in touch and stay well. Susan

  2. So sorry about Etta…she was lucky to have chosen you! Thanks for the info about Shetland Adventures… I was lucky enough to meet you awhile back in Lerwick and I cherish all things from there… thank you for your generosity in sharing your talent!!!

  3. Hello Ella, I have been following you for a while and you actually inspired me to purchase a knitting machine. Have you or would you publish a hybrid pattern? I know once I follow one it will be much easier to do the next one. Thank you Abby

  4. Hi Ella!
    That rose photo is stunning! I am so sorry to hear about Etta – it’s so hard to loose a fur friend.
    Looks like your creative mojo is doing better than mine – you’ve been busy! Love your color choices.
    Congrats on the new pattern – can’t wait!
    Do take care!

  5. Hi Ella, I’m very sorry to hear the sad news about your cat. I’ve been walking a lot too. I got to meet you last Summer and sit next to you at dinner at Gudrun and MJ’s Shetland retreat. Have a very happy birthday. Tamara

  6. So sorry to hear about Etta. It is especially hard to lose a pet as such a young age. Can you be 30 already? That age is a distant memory to me! I also experience fits and starts with my creative urges. Do you find the walking helps in giving you inspiration? Good luck with the rest of 2020.

  7. Hello dear Ella! Thanks so much for your recent post. Sending heartfelt sympathies for the loss of your kitty Etta. The spark of her memory will always be with you. It is hardest when their lives are so short! I am certain that her little kitten spirit is right next to you in mind and heart. I think that we all belong to the club of ups and downs and up and downs these days. It’s comforting to know that we are not alone, but, not so much when our needles lay dormant. Keep walking and taking your beautiful photos. When I look at them I wish that I could transport my self into the middle of any one of them. Happy 30th Birthday! You are a creative and joyful spirit – keep celebrating all that is and all that is to come. (I am 67 – your grandmother’s generation). My family’s ancestors come from Mexico and Norway. With all my ancestors I send love and hugs to you.

  8. Dear Ella,

    So nice to see a post with so many lovely things. I’m sorry that Etta is gone. It’s never easy to lose a beloved pet. You’ll know when the time is right to adopt a new one. You never forget the ones you lose, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to become attached to another furry friend.

    I’ve always loved FC38 and have thought about using it as the main color for a sweater. Brilliant idea to combine it! The single skein I had bought long ago in the original put-up became the background shade for my Bousta Beanie. The color looks so amazing in natural light. It really pops.

    Your Treit looks lovely. I’d be inclined to use Shetland jumper weight as well, but I’m not sure I’ll get to it soon.

    Love the photos, especially the first two. Wish I were turning 30 again. Have a splendid birthday!

  9. OH, sorry about Etta but she was lucky to have had YOU. They do know these things.
    30 years young! Happy happy and Love that Orange jumper.! That colour always calls my name………

  10. Ella – I am so sorry to hear about Etta, it is so sad her time with you was short. She had a wonderful character (I loved her photos), she was very well loved while she was with you. mel xx

  11. Happy Birthday, Ella!
    I’m early but I think the happy things are best stretched out as long as possible!
    Sorry about your kitty. I rescued a little dog during this crazy year…it makes a good thing of 2020. Maybe another kitty could ease your pain a little?

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