salt air

jumper boards at the bod of gremista

i have been cheating on my blog with another blog.. if you didn’t know i work at Jamieson & Smith  and if you didn’t know that, you might not have known last week was Shetland Wool Week.. Well it was so i was blogging over here every day last week.. phewf.

i really enjoyed it actually but that was mainly due to the fact i had alot to be blogging about. Shetland  was a hive of activity last week and if your interested in knitting or textiles it was the place to be.

one of my best pals, Amy who survived shetland college with me for 4 years, recently went away to Galashiels to do weaving (its her thang) so when she left i gave her a hoose cushion, this bad boy was one the first 3 hoose cushions i made so hes a bit squint and kind of reminds me of a snail.. anyhoozles she put this photo on instagram and i thought it was cute.

Talking of Shetland College..i recently graduated ..

well, we finished in May and Graduation wasn’t til September so it felt kinda weird but.. ive got a degree and didn’t even have to leave Shetland to get it! Thats laziness for you…

my knitting is going better, although you wouldn’t know it going from the picture above.. thats kinda how my brain feels at the moment after Wool Week but things should start evening out a bit soon.

2 thoughts on “salt air

  1. Lovely cushions! I came across them on the j&s blog so thought I’d pop over to say hello. I’ll keep an eye out for them in your shop. And good luck with your knitting, both hand and machine- it is hard to start motivated and inspired sometimes!

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