autumn nights

So Wool Week fever has died down.. a peerie bit.. but now i am getting ready for my first Craft Fair!!

The Clickimin Craft Fair has been going on for years and years, my Dad (a local cartoonist) has had a stall at it pretty much every year since it opened and will be there this year but this time ill have a stall of my own…

so today i have been knitting and thinking and worrying and daydreaming.

I managed to get 6 cushions knitted, which is pretty good. They take me about 45 minutes to knit each one, i am still getting used to my new machine, i had no disasters today which is a first. Usually i end up having a little tantrum (only a little one..) because knitting falls off, or breaks or i drop stitches.. the usual story.

I am trying out some new colour combinations and using as much Shetland wool as i can, handily available from my workplace! my new machine seems to work really well with Shetland wool (woohoo), which the machines when i was at college didn’t seem to.. the same cannot be said for all the quite expensive and lovely bright coloured lambswool i bought.. it just doesn’t seem to go through the silver reed machine as well as the Shetland wool unless its in a pattern with very few floats.

but after 5 hours of knitting my wrists and shoulders were aching! i havent done so much knitting since the mad degree show knitting earlier in the year (shudder) but at least i was at home and could have biscuit breaks..! im not really a big biscuit person but my mam had bought some aero biscuits.. hamzing.. i think i had 3 over the course of the afternoon..

i have lots of ideas of things to make (in addition to my cushions and pincushions) it is just about having the time to make it!

(also, hello if your here from reading Kates blog about Wool Week, shes a bit of a legend isn’t she?)

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