Sarah Lund jumper

IMG_1335My Mam really likes Scandi Crime.. so I accidentally ended up watching and enjoying the second series of The Killing with her earlier this year. It is famous of course for the Jumper that the main character Sarah Lund wore:


The jumper is made by the Faroese company Gudrun & Gudrun, they are beautiful and very rightly cost a lot of money.. so I did a bit of internet sleuthing and managed to gather enough information that made me think I could possibly knit my own..

IMG_1336the most helpful information I found was this project on Ravelry, it gave me the basic shape and by looking at the jumper I made a wee chart on DesignAKnit and gave it a go! I think i can safely say ill be knitting with 8mm needles more often! it was so fast, i got the body knitted in a few days, got one sleeve done then… the usual.

IMG_1339 I couldn’t get going with the second but last night I sat down, watched Strictly, and Borgen (appropriate) and knitted the whole thing.. I wanted to wash it and get it on the jumper board last night so that it could be dry today


IMG_1452As I thought it would be, (pre washed it looked like it might have fitted a 9 year old) it required a good stretch to get on the board, Mam gave me a hand.. (at times a bit too much of hand.. it was handknitted after all..) but we got it on and today it was dry!


At this time of year we are inundated with ‘Christmas Style’ jumpers that can make a Shetlander cringe.. i use ebay quite a lot to buy vintage knitwear and if you enter Fair Isle there is a lot of tat you have to sift through.


So this is my version of a Christmas Jumper.. haha.

Its not perfect- (don’t look at the Oxter area) but now I know the rough idea I could always make another. The wool used in the ‘real’ jumpers can be bought in the UK from the Island Wool Company, but i had this huge cone of White Aran i bought at a Harry Hays Saleroom in a box of wool so I thought I’d try and use that. The original Jumpers are quite loosely knitted, so I wanted to keep it like that. The black is Jamieson & Smith Shetland Chunky in Charcoal, which is a lovely loosely spun worsted yarn.

This is the first jumper I’ve completely hand knitted for myself. It was simple, relatively quick and better knitters than me would have made a better job but.. it still feels pretty good.


11 thoughts on “Sarah Lund jumper

  1. Great job on the jumper, Ella! I’m jealous of your jumper blocking board. I had never seen one until I was in Shetland in September. Do you happen to know of a place that sells them?

  2. I love my Blocking board and you did a great job ‘re-inventing’ the wheel and making up your pattern! Checked them out on line and they are Pricey!!

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