orange strokkur

I am a slow knitter.. faster than I was, but still pretty slow. I am also an easily distracted which is why I am showing you something I started back in October..


I love yoke jumpers.. of any description .. anything with plain sleeves and plain body and a fancy yoke. Yum. I love Icelandic yokes and when I saw the pattern for Strokkur by Ysolda which came out last year I knew I had to make it.. I even saw Ysolda wearing it at Wool Week last year which pushed me over the edge to order the wool.


I love the yellow used in the original jumper but one of my fave colour combos of all time is Grey and Orange.. I even used the proper wool called for in the pattern. I ordered the Lett Lopi from and I would definitely recommend them, everything is posted out really quickly.


To be fair, November and December were pretty busy for me, I had nearly got the body finished and when I picked it up again I couldnt wait to do the yoke so instead of knitting the sleeves and joining it up i provisionally cast on then once i’d done the yoke i picked them up and knit them top down.. worked a treat!


I got the jumper washed and on the board yesterday and today it was dry! Im really pleased with it. I found the Lopi quite hard on my hands and I think because of this i knitted it pretty tight! the more i got used to it though it seemed to get easier.



mmm.. orange and grey is lovely together.

I would have taken some pictures outside but Shetland has been in a month long rainy,windy,dull spell. Sigh, we can only hope for better from February!


26 thoughts on “orange strokkur

  1. I love it Ella. Just the right thing for a cold day. How did I miss Yolanda’s pattern! I want mine with bits of mohair where the orange is.

  2. Orange is one of my favourite colours and it looks a treat with that grey. good job. I am surprised the Lopi was hard on your hands, I guess I always thought of it as sort of a loose soft pencil roving. Interesting.

  3. Ella
    I love the sweater , it came out beautiful. I am a slow knitter too working on becoming faster.. We are in the 4’s here is Western Massachusetts but it suppose to get colder with more snow. I am looking forward to March when it warms up.

  4. I’m also a great fan of yoke sweaters, and your colour combination is very inspiring. I want one too:-)
    Kind regards

  5. Beautiful color choice and combination. Being a slow knitter, and in the process of making myself a lopi sweater at the moment, I can really relate to your words ;-)
    How are you finding the feel of Icelandic lopi when wearing the jumper? Not too rough or scratchy?

  6. Gorgeous! And just the thing to pop a little colour into dark and dreary winter days.

  7. Not worn it yet! I’m going to wear it tomorrow, probably with long sleeves which I do with all my wool jumpers, I had eczema on my arms when I was little so I can feel most things quite scratchy on that! X

  8. The beautiful orange color should definitely chase the dreariness away!! Orange has always been my favorite color. Your sweater is gorgeous and I love its halo!!
    I also really like the Aran sweater on the Teddy Bear!!

  9. You are right, the orange and gray sing an Icelandic song together. Thanks for the yoke close up, I am always fascinated to see where different designs place the yoke increases and how they complement the patterning.

  10. Hi.

    I really like the old map of Scandinavia that you posted above.
    Are you the owner of the photo? I work with marketing and I would love to use the map in a brochure. Would that be OK for you?
    Please reply to me via email.

    Thank you in advance :)

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