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IMG_2486No, I haven’t been ferociously knitting.. well I have, but not these things. These are three very Shetland things, made in Shetland Wool that through the wonder of eBay (to detrimental effect on my bank balance as per) I have brought back to Shetland. Much thanks have to go to my colleague and bezzie work pal Sandra who is a pro at finding Fair Isle and Shetland knitwear on eBay and rather than be selfish and buy it herself, she shows me and I buy it… although quite often we both find it and show each other!

The two Fair Isle gansies were both purchased from the same person, the first one is a lovely blue and purpley all over which is make from the OXO Fair Isle pattern originally found in the Traditional Sweater Book by Madeline Weston (out of print but I got my copy for 1p on Amazon!)



It is very well knitted and as far as I can see they have knit it in the round up to the armholes then gone back and forth (I cannot deal with purling Fair Isle, hats off to anyone that can keep track!) and picked up the sleeves. These colours are not my personal first choices but they have been blended very well and it actually makes for a very lovely and subtle jumper that I’m sure I’ll get a lot of wear out of. Look at that corrugated ribbing! I wish it wasn’t so tedious to knit, I love how it looks.



The next one is this snazzy little sleeveless number. It was actually labelled as a childs jumper, but it fits me fine! I don’t think its as vintage as the colours make it look  but perhaps it is, it seems to hardly have been worn. The colours are quite a typical matte selection of brights with naturals with that old favourite – Peach, it is one of those colours that, I think, you either love or hate in Fair Isle. I would never knit with it but I’m not against a bit of peach in my Vintage!


Doesn’t it look brand new? It also has a sweet little turned up edge, neatly hand sewed into place.


This top has been steeked at the neck and at the armholes. The leftovers from steeks have been sewed down but the edges haven’t been secured, just left to felt over time.


The last piece of knitwear was an absolute bargain at £8, it is a lace jumper.. a hand knitted Shetland Lace Jumper no less..


(sorry its a bit crumbled, I still need to dress it) This lovely jumper is knitted in the ‘Print ‘O The Wave’ lacey pattern, which is one of my favourites. Its knit in Woollen spun 2ply Lace which makes the pattern a bit thicker looking than it does in 1ply, you can see it better with my hand behind it here


The most interesting thing about this one is the label in the neck:


Wouldn’t you love to know more about that?!? I certainly would. I’ll need to ask around. Now don’t shoot me, but I might have to take the label off because I think I’m going to lower the neck by taking away the ribbing. As we all know, I hate being strangled by my knitwear (who does? see here and here as to my previous alterations) Honestly I think it disrupts the flow of the jumper which is quite thin and soft then a hunking bit of folded over rib at the neck? So we’ll see.

The last eBay buy I have to show you is I was just looking through of my usual searches of ‘Shetland’ (I’m a loser, I know) and I came across a copy of one of my favourite books ‘Life In Shetland’ I dont really need to say anymore about it, I’ve mentioned it about a gazillion times. The copy I had was my Grandads and although he lent it to me indefinitely, Im glad I can give him his own back.


My luck was in with this one, it was labelled as ‘Kife in Shetland’ so I got it for hardly anything. teehee..


This last thing is something I got a while ago but kept forgetting to mention, since I’m talking about bargains, I got this handknit ‘New Shell’ lace scarf knit it Shetland Heritage from the Charity Shop!! I look at Wool all day, err day so I can spy J&S from a mile off. As soon as I spied it I snapped it up. Its so soft and proof, even though I knew it, that Heritage works great for Lace as well as Fair Isle.


Minus the scarf (bought in Lerwick) I always wonder what the people who I buy all this Shetland stuff (this is the tip of the iceberg) think when they sent it to me in Shetland.. You would think you can find it all here (which you can, if you know where to look!) but it really reminds you that Shetland knitting is a worldwide thing and its quite nice to bring it back home (aww, cue Dolly Parton link)

speak soon, xxx

8 thoughts on “back home

  1. As I live one London borough over from Sutton I’m now wishing that shop still existed. Will ask my knitting group on ravelry if anyone remembers it. What a lovely haul, I only seem to find novelty Christmas jumpers when I look for stuff like that on ebay!

  2. That book, The Traditional Sweater Book, is a book I own :) I bought it from a British book club in the mid 1980s. So far I haven’t knit anything from it, mostly because I have been too scared to try and maybe ruin a lot of lovely wool, but I wonder if I won’t have too in the near future…

  3. Your finds are true treasures!! I have looked around here (Chicago) for treasures and did find a couple at the Thrift shop–A hand-knit blackberry Aran in Rowan Denim yarn $1.49) and a lovely Fair Isle cardigan from Norway, also $1.49. I have the book you mentioned from Ms. Weston and some of the patterns seem to run rather large–as in 80’s style!! But I might try the XOX style as yours is so pretty. Perhaps I’ll toddle off to Ebay and have a look around!!
    Thanks so much for sharing, Ella!!

  4. What a ‘haul’! I do like the XOX pattern and LOVE that the book was listed as ‘Kife’ in Shetland….destined to be yours!! Thanks for sharing esp the Dolly Parton link :)

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