agnes jumper


I actually finished a bit of my Christmas knitting! Over the last week or so I managed to finish my Agnes jumper. I actually find big needles and chunky yarn really hard going on my hands so I cant do a long stint. Also I really hate knitting sleeves.. This time I did the sleeves using magic loop on a long circular needle, which made it a bit easier.

IMG_4248-2I used Alafoss Lopi in a black heathered shade (a nightmare to photograph) and bigger needles as I wanted a looser jumper, quite a lot of the finished jumpers on Ravelry are quite fitted and short so I wanted mine a bit longer. I used green Lettlopi for the little pockets.

It is so warm!!! I love the look of these kind of jumpers but I’ve come to realise that I find it really hard to knit simple jumpers.. obviously knitting Fair Isle gives me goals! Now I’ve made it though, im glad i did!


Happy New Year everyone, thanks for all the support this year and all the best for 2015

ella xx

8 thoughts on “agnes jumper

  1. Hi Ella, I love your blog! It always brightens my day! Your jumper looks great! I have a couple questions about it, because I have six skeins (in three colors) of alafoss lopi, and I’m struggling to decide what to do with it. So, how many skeins did you use to make your jumper? What size needles? Do you have any bright ideas for how to use three colors (I’m not very excited about horizontal stripes . . . .) I’m thinking I may need to buy some more yarn as a background color, but I don’t want to invest in it until I have a better idea what I’m doing. Thank you for your help! I hope you have a lovely New Year’s celebration, and a truly wonderful 2015! Best to you, Cam

  2. That is great! Love the colour and MUCH better than that blue in the original post on Revelry. I too love small needles. Thanks for all your posts and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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