black gold tide

when i was doing my knit unit in 2nd year i used the 70s/80s as inspiration, in particular i focused on Shetland at that time. Essentially everything changed.. because the oil came. Obviously i wasn’t alive but you can see the before and afters everywhere in Shetland. Little croft houses next to very 70’s houses.. strange hotels.. large groups of council housing



i was lucky enough to be given a copy of the book ‘Life in Shetland’ by Tom Kidd which is where these photos are taken from. My granddad had a copy and he lent it to me, the book is full of photos from the time of change in Shetland. When old traditions were being lost and new people were coming in. 



The photos are amazing. I just love them, when i told my boss (at the Shetland wool brokers) about the inspirations for my knitting he said it was crazy to him because at that time in the textile industry in Shetland it seemed like the end of the world, people were stopping knitting and crofting to work at Sullom Voe and it seemed the old ways were being lost. He thought it was good though that i was inspired by it, because it showed the different way Shetlanders can look at things. 



every now and then i go back and look at the photos again, it is a nightmare trying to look at it with any of my relations because all they want to do it look at the people and talk about who they are, where they are from etc.. another version of the book came out a few years ago with updated interviews and stuff. There is a website you can look at and buy the pictures here


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