one year

On Saturday i went with my Dad to see the opening of the Shetland College Contemporary Textiles Third year exhibition. One year ago that was me, i cant believe its been a full year since i left college. The exhibition was at the Bod of Gremista in Lerwick. Also known as the Shetland Textile Museum, which i recently became a trustee of. (how grown up.. haha) Im going to go and take some photos soon so i will do a blog with a bit more about it. It goes without saying but i love textiles…

wool at work
wool at work

Parts of me miss the exploration side of being at college and spending weeks coming up with ideas and variations but honestly i am and have always been fast. Fast at deciding i like something, fast at doing things and fast at realising i don’t like something.

What i don’t miss is the pressure i used to put on myself, i really felt it when we were coming to the end last year and i was doing my final project.. it felt like i had to make something really good, because this was it, and what people were going to come and see and expect me to make from then on. I nearly didn’t even make my crofthouse cushions.. i know! shock horror.. i only did because i had a bit of time at the end before we had to set up the degree show and the idea had been rattling around in my head. So i made 3.. kinda weird slug looking crofthouses, then refined it. a bit, and made 6 more which i sold at the degree show.

IMG_1413just think.. maybe you would never have got to see this totally natural photo of a crofthouse cushion awkwardly sitting on a chair in my garden.

I do miss Amy though, i spent 4 years every day at college with her, she went on to Galashiels to do weaving after Shetland College. BUT shes coming home on Monday for the summer after doing the Edinburgh Half Marathon at the weekend (good luck Amy!!).

So things are alright, life has slowed down after college but thats ok. Im pootling along, as we would say in Shetland, and thats no bad thing.


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