As a Shetlander, who studied textiles, and makes textiles, and works in a wool shop i would say i have a healthy interest in Fair Isle Ganseys…

IMG_0403 IMG_0409 IMG_0399


As you can see i am particularly fond of a Fair Isle Yoke.. which makes my new jumper all the more special. A completely hand knit Fair Isle Yoke Cardigan



Look at those colours! it was made for me by Sandra that i work with (and one of Shetlands best knitters) in colours that we chose together.. the main colour: FC38 is one of my all time favourites.

As much as i love all my vintage (and not so vintage) Fair Isle, its pretty nice to have something made just for me.

6 thoughts on “jumpers

  1. Its lovely Ella! Amazing work Sandra!!! It still has a vintage air to it do you not think?! The use of colour probably makes it have a nostalgic feel!

    1. Thank you Sue, J&S is in the process of making a pattern for it, it should be available in the next few weeks, I’ll get back to you when it is. Xx

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