japanese knitting books

Fair Isle knitting is well known all over the world, of all the places my work sends wool too, there is always a large percentage of parcels going to Japan.  I first saw Japanese knitting books at work, if we have yarn in a magazine or book the publishers usually send us a copy.




the classic layouts and simple instructions really appeal to me, obviously i cant read japanese but once you learn the basics they can be easily worked out. Since i have had my eyes opened to this new world of knitting books (not that i needed any more?!) i have begun to start a small collection





what i love is that although there is a lot of Fair Isle based on very traditional Shetland knitting, the colour choices and styling are always so inspirational.





the few that i have bought i have got from http://www.yesasia.com/ they are very reasonably priced, it takes a while to come but then living in Shetland im used to pretty slow delivery.

i’ve had a busy few weeks and the next few will be getting even busier, in two weeks its Wool Week and after that i will start my gearing up for the Christmas Craft Fair. i cant believe its getting to this time of year again!

10 thoughts on “japanese knitting books

  1. I taught English in Japan at the high school of Kobe College, a women’s college, in the 1970s and one of my students has become a creative writing professor in the US. She has authored several books and one of her autobiographical books is Yarn by Kyoko Mori. She writes in English, but most of her books are translated into Japanese. I am no expert on Japan, but I see knitting as a good craft for Japan because it is easily portable, useful final product, and distinctive patterns.
    Thank you for your information.

  2. I used to buy Japanese quilting magazines which are great and so different to English/American ones. Looks like I’ll have to start looking out for knitting books now! Love the blog – keep up the good work!

  3. Hi, I am a big fan of your website who happen to be Japanese living in London. You would be really surprised how popular British products, including Shetland wool and Harris Tweed! I have been to Isle of Harris but not yet Shetland, where you live, hope very very soon!

    1. Hello, wow! That is so cool, thank you for your comment. I’m amazed at the amount of wool that goes to japan from my work! maybe you can help me if I get stuck! :) xxx

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