spring, summer, autumn

with the clocks going back, in Shetland we are beginning the fast spiral into Winter. I find it quite hard sometimes to be in Shetland in the winter, waking up and its dark, going home and its dark.. so to remind myself ive gathered a few photos from this Spring and Summer.

IMG_0050burra beach

IMG_0486the heather, northmavine

IMG_0532gloves and mittens at the voe show

IMG_0601abandoned, unst

IMG_0467the peat bank, ollaberry

IMG_0621norwick beach, unst

IMG_0049shetland light, spring


IMG_0542prizewinning sheepdog, voe show


At the moment i am knitting for the Craft Fair in November, i have lots of things to blog about but my mind is all over the place, trying to keep track of all the things im doing.

at least the dark nights made me want to knit, but i miss the light..

speak soon x

7 thoughts on “spring, summer, autumn

  1. Looking through your pictures makes me feel wistful. I have been to Shetland so many times but once a year is never enough because, if I could, I’d live there. I wouldn’t like the lack of daylight though….and – I couldn’t live so far from my daughter and granddaughter, so I suppose, like some other things (like cream cakes!), Shetland is a ‘treat’ that I can never have as often as I’d like and must savour completely when I can have it. Meanwhile, I can grab the opportunities to imbibe things like your Blog and savour that…… :) Thank you for writing it.

  2. I agree with what Anthea said in her comment. Your pictures make me feel wistful. I fell in love with Shetland when I was there for those few short, wonderful days last month, and I will be back. I know exactly what you mean about the dark days of winter. I lived in the northern most part of British Columbia for six years, and the winter was hard. It was often -20 C, and sometimes got as cold as -40 C, and at the winter solstice we only had about five hours of light. You are wise to keep reminding yourself that the light will return. :-)

  3. Upside is that once that shortest day passes the increase in daily light is fairly significant…and the light quality with the sun sitting so low on the horizon is pretty spectacular at times :)

  4. Hi, I enjoyed your amazing photos! They made me wanting to go to Shetland even more! It might not be as bad as Shetland but I am feeling a little down as no enough lights in London :( I tend to look at loads of images of flowers online to keep me going, and of course, beautiful colour of Shetland wools on your website :) By the way I love a pair of gloves in the middle of photo, combination of light grey, white and vivid blue! I wonder where I can find the one like that. Maybe I am not looking carefully???

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