waves and flooers



We have had our usual Shetland Christmas weather.. windy and rainy. Yesterday was a dry and bright day so me and Mam went for a walk along the Sea Road. The strong winds from last week have kept the swell strong and we saw some good waves


IMG_1565 IMG_1540 IMG_1530


I love the sound of the Sea, I could have stood for hours listening to it. I also used the opportunity to get Mam to take some photos of me in my newly finished hat!

IMG_1523 IMG_1534It is Peerie Flooers, by my friend Kate Davies, I made it in Jamieson & Smith 2ply Jumper Weight, I went for Shades 202,FC15,9113,FC37,91,FC12 and FC11.

IMG_1592I have quite a peerie head (pardon the pun) so I only did a repeat and a half of the Flooer chart. I think FC15 might not be light enough so I am already planning another.. and I think I need to master how I hold the yarn, my yellow middles of the flooers are quite random in their dominance.


There is something so nice and bright about the flooers, its quite addicting to watch them emerge. Since I made my Sarah Lund jumper on 8mm needles i thought 3mm needle and 4ply wool would feel very strange but it actually went very quickly, the perfect Christmas Knitting!


11 thoughts on “waves and flooers

  1. Really Lovely! You really must have a small head to only need three rows! I did mine with five rows of flowers, but I do have lots of curly hair to tuck in I guess!
    Your Mam is a great photograher!

    1. Thank you, it just fits so I might make another, I’m not totally happy with the FC37 I think it’s a bit dark, any excuse to do it again!! Xxx

  2. Your Peerie hat would be warmly welcomed here–12″ of new snow to welcome in the New Year. I actually like your chosen colors and purchased a kit from my local yarn store with all the yarn inside.
    Thanks so much for sharing the lovely pictures of your home area.

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