Shetland was blessed with lots of sunshine this week, in fact apparently Shetland was the sunniest place in the UK on Wednesday!!20140329-200016.jpg


 I wasn’t working Thursday and Friday but I woke up to grey sky’s both those days. The photos above were taken on my phone when I got the chance through the week. After I did what I had to do on Thursday I was leaving my sisters and the sun had come out again. Instead of walking home my usual way I decided to take the long way and walk up and around both Knabs.



I had some sad news at the beginning of this week so it was nice to just sit and think about things, I could listen to the sea forever!

Today began another grey day but by teatime it had brightened up and I went for another walk.. along the same path!




I’m very lucky that this view is a five minute walk from my house, When it is nice weather I really love Shetland.

And the clocks go forward tonight!, Yippee, more daylight!!


13 thoughts on “walks

  1. I’m moving. I am positively moving to Shetland. The pictures are breathtaking. Hope you find the comfort and strength you need to shoulder your bad news.

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