special crofthoose



I wouldnt blame you if you thought all I did was knit things for myself (which is mostly true) but I do actually make things to sell as well. Since I finished college I have developed and tidied up a design I had a part of my final project: the crofthoose cushion!


Using my Silver Reed knitting machine and DesignAKnit software I am able to make my design and download it, then I manually knit it row by row on the machine. I have always loved Shetland crofthouses, whenever I am anywhere in Shetland I keep an eye out for them to get inspirations for door, porch and window shapes. Like this peerie house I noticed in Unst.


Unfortunately with working full time I’m not able to make them all the time so I mostly make them for commission and for things like the Shetland Arts and Crafts Christmas Craft Fair which I have done for two years now. Because of the restrictions with my machine, for instance I can only use two colours per row, Im not able to have too much detail on the cushions. So when I saw the leaflet for the Bonhoga Open I took the chance to make more of an detailed handcrafted crofthoose.

IMG_2174 - Copy

I just knitted a simple white house with grey accents (Jamieson & Smith 2ply Jumper Weight shades 1,54 and Shetland Heritage Silver Grey if you wondered) and then got lots of balls of wool and my embroidery hoop out! At college I did quite a lot of hand embroidery and I was surprised how quickly all the stitches came back to me, on the front I focused on flowers and bushes and on the back I did a bit of a vegetable patch!


Look, peerie carrots, neeps and tomatoes!


Using lots of different colours of jumper weight over a few weeks I did bits and pieces of embroidery, I’m not known for my patience..so for me it was quite satisfying to finish and I’m really pleased with how it came out!



The Bonhoga Open… opened on Saturday and I was able to nip in quickly and see how the cushion looked


It had its own plinth! I’m so proud, I knew the back probably wouldn’t be displayed but I always have something on the back of all the crofthouses so i couldnt bear to leave it blank. The Open is always good and two of my best friends, Vivian and Amy also had something entered, so they might feature something on their blogs soon.

The time it took me to make the cushion means I wouldn’t be able to make them to sell, even trying to come up with a price for the exhibition was difficult but it was nice to do something a bit different!

speak soon


21 thoughts on “special crofthoose

  1. I absolutely love the embroidered croft house!! It’s a pity that it’s so labor-intensive that you can’t make them to sell. Best of luck selling the one at the Gallery.

  2. Oh, it looks grand, it really does.

    Do you ming me asking, how big are your croft houses? I’m wondering if I could do something similar for myself based on my little blue bungalow, but not sure where to start really.

    And of course, if you do ever have any for sale, I would love to have one! Bx xxx

  3. It seems my original comment disappeared, so I’ll chime in again. Love the embroidered croft houses, Ella. Too bad they are so labor-intensive that you can’t offer them for sale. Good luck, though, on selling the one in the Gallery.

  4. Oh, I like these very much. You have such beautiful skills that raise the objects to art. Very lovely.

  5. Super! What a sweet crofthoose and with neeps as well!! good job and thanks for including your friends blogs, very interesting.

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