Helloo! so, it has been a busy couple of weeks, as predicted. I had a lovely few days in Edinburgh watching one of my friends getting married. My boyfriend was a best man too as the groom is one of his best friends! So we saw lots of friends and I did A LOT of dancing. After that I had a couple (literally two days) at home then it was up to Unst! I agreed ages ago to help out Gudrun Johnson with being a model for her newest book: Shetland Trader: Book Two. My friend Vivian came too and also modelled and it was great to spend some time with her, a mini holiday to Unst.


Belmont House was the location for the photos and we were lucky enough to stay there too. It is without a doubt the nicest place I’ve ever stayed. Its a classic Georgian house built in 1775, and it has been beautifully restored, A process which took 15 years and 1.2 million pounds! The colours used have all been matched to how it would have looked at its best using beautiful Farrow and Ball paints. Of course I cant show any photos of the knitwear we were modelling as its all secret til the book comes out but I thought I’d show you some photos  I took of Belmont while we were there. I found it so inspiring and I loved the colours, we were so lucky with the weather too!










IMG_3095 IMG_3065

Vivian, Mary Jane and the brilliant photographer Kathy
Vivian, Mary Jane and the brilliant photographer Kathy (the one with the camera obviously!)

Today the rain is pouring, I’d give anything to be back on that bench in the Sun! I cant wait to see the book. Gudrun’s designs are beautiful and I can see me making some of the pieces for myself.. It was really nice to spend time with people I know through my work at J&S and Gudruns lovely family. The week before Gudrun and Mary Jane were in the shop with their tour group and I was able to meet some of my favourite instagramer and bloggers like Nicole, Lori and Claire as well as the other ladies. Unfortunately I was only able to see them on Monday before I headed to Edinburgh but it was great to meet them all the same!


Sigh.. I had a nice time.

Speak soon,


11 thoughts on “belmont

  1. Yes the house was wonderful but so were all the side trips you sent me on!!! Thank you so much for introducing me to all these wonderful
    women. Sun is fun but I do like the rain also……..I get way more done when it is ‘inclement’ outside!

  2. Wow I just looked at Belmont House’s website. What an amazing and special place. I look forward to Gunrad’s new book. If the designs are anything like as nice, which I am sure they are, as her previous work they will be fab.

  3. oh goodness ella! what a gorgeous post!! your photos are incredible (liked seeing a peek of you in the mirror too). i’m so looking forward to this book of Gudrun’s, the patterns are ALL really amazing, and of course kathy’s photography and YOU! your darling peerie face (hee hee, i’m still going to be in shetland mode for a while). wish so much i could have tagged along with the group to belmont. guess i’ll have to go back now. sigh. :)

    p.s. thank you!

    1. Lori!! I wish you could have come too, I can’t wait to see your blogs about your trip. Haha, hopefully see you in a peerie while!! ;) xx

  4. been following along with the group that just got back from Shetland….wishing (of course!) that I had been along. (I was there in 2005 with another knitting group….one visit just simply isn’t enough!!!) Can’t wait to see you (!!!) and Gudrun’s new book. I’m a fan!!!

  5. Just seen you get a mention, with J and S, in Selvedge. How wonderful to see people and places you know in such an international publication!

  6. Ella, it was such a treat to meet you too! Hopefully I’ll be back to Shetland soon. I miss it so. What a wonderful place with such wonderful people!

    I’m super excited to see Gudrun’s book. I know you will look gorgeous in her beautiful designs.

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