autumn is on its way

hello folks, so I have had a busy couple of weeks, thank you all for your lovely comments about my birthday yoke, on here and on instagram. its much appreciated as always. I had such a bad cold on my birthday that I had to leave work after an hour so only a few saw my yoke in person but don’t worry, its getting chilly so I’ll be wearing it again soon!

the wonders of a good instagram filter..!

the day after my birthday and still dosed in the cold I went to Edinburgh for my Sisters wedding, we were just down for a few days (one whole extra day spent in the Edinburgh airport because of mist at Sumburgh.. groan) but it was great to get away and I do like Edinburgh

on the royal mile, where we stayed
Dad, Annie, Mam,Karl, Magnie,Marianne, Me and Peter

so on the very day of the wedding, after the meal and everything we had a bit of time so Me, Mam,Marianne and Annie went for a wander and I ended up at my favourite vintage shop W.Armstrongs in the Grassmarket.. and surprise, surprise your thinking (not) I found some Fair Isle knitwear!

IMG_3438 I found this great all over Fair Isle jumper for only £8! Its made in acrylic (bought wirsit we would call it) so not good for naked flames but great for machine washing. It has had a lot of washing in its time so it was very bobbly, but I bought one of those jumper shaver.. things and it has come great! I think the bobbles was why it was so cheap, it just needed a bit of TLC


I am not one for choosing browns and peaches in my own knitting but I actually love the look of this, I have always like the look of these shaded patterns which are very common in fishing communities, you often see them on Burra and Whalsay men! I’m pretty sure this would have been made for a young boy but it fits me fine so I will wear it proudly!


I haven’t found much time for hand knitting but last week I did my part for an exciting collaboration with my knitting designer pal Kate. Her book all about YOKES (hyperventilating.. you keen I love a good yoke!) is coming out soon and she wanted to include a machine knit body for a yoke so on my knitting machine I knit her the sleeves and body of a cardigan and she is going to hand knit a yoke. Just like how I did with both my Puffins and my Fair Isle Yoke. It is how almost all yokes were and are made in Shetland. Very exciting, so Im really looking forward to seeing that.

You might not hear much from me for the next peerie while, soon is Shetland Wool Week and where I work (Jamieson & Smith) will be FILLED with knitters day and night, I will be blogging everyday over on the J&S blog so keep an eye oot. Then I will be starting my build up for the Christmas Craft Fair (i should have started already but as usual, life has gotten in the way) unfortunately that means I wont be able to take on any Crofthouse commissions til after November. :(

(hopefully) speak soon xxx

10 thoughts on “autumn is on its way

  1. haha, Surprise me foot!!! That’s a great jumper…….seriously, I love the colours. Armstrong’s must be way too much fun. OK, I know you went for a wedding and you all look gorgeous and the bairns were in good form, at least for the moment!! nice family resemblance. I so remember Edinburgh and the Grassmarket, sigh. I still use the wooden shortbread mold I bought in a funny old shop in the ’60s’ !! Have FUN during Wool Week!!

  2. I think there’s a Fair Isle Fairy that deposits all these wonderful things at the shops just before you enter. :-) What a nice family picture from the wedding! Have a great time during Wool Week, although I suppose for you it is mostly work and very little play.

  3. Your birthday jumper is just gorgeous, those colours in the yoke are perfect for this time of year, but so are those softer muted browns in the acrylic jumper (like when the Autumn leaves have dried and faded in September sunshine)
    You made me laugh when you just happened upon the Fair Isle jumper (I agree with Kristieinbc that there must be a Fair Isle Fairy looking out for you), I always seem to find old bags of tapestry and crewel wool (however well my boyfriend seems to hide them if he is out shopping with me)
    Hope so much you’re feeling all better. and your cold has gone….I like Potter’s Balm of Gilead Cough syrup, it’s a bit like sweetened tar (I’m sure you could use it to waterproof felt for a shed roof) and is somewhat of an acquired taste, however I find it works really well without making me feel drowsy.

  4. Super photos, lovely,lovely jumpers. Thank you for sharing the wedding, my own daughter got married last Saturday, family life is so important and it is so nice to share! Best wishes for Wool Week!

  5. Both your knitted and purchased sweaters are lovely. I have a boring question about your sweater shaver – what type do you have? I bought I cheapie battery operated one and it was rubbish.

    1. Oh thank you, mine is the same, just cheapie off eBay, it’s not the best but It did the job well enough on that jumper – but it had serious bobbles you could pick off so I don’t know how it will fare with a less bobbly number!

  6. Happy Birthday, we are a day apart. It does make it terrible to be under the weather on your day. Hope you are feeling better.
    You have a beautiful sweater!!!!! Love the colors for fall.

  7. Your birthday yoke is gorgeous and the wedding photo is lovely. Longing to see what kind of yoke Kate puts on the body/sleeves you machine knitted. your blog is a delight and your career seems to be going from strength to strength, well done.

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