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oh hey there! so on this Saturday I have made good progess on my Hermaness Hat as unfortunately I have been struck down with an infection that’s making me feel truly rubbish.. BUT silver lining and all that means I can share my progress and also some more information about Gudruns beautiful book which me and my friend Vivian were lucky enough to model for..


if you preorder the book you get the pattern for the Hermaness Hat as an instant download to tide you over til the book comes out, so as Gudrun started a little Knit-a-long I dutifully cast on. now.. many a time you can look at a hat pattern and think its nice but not be sure if it will look the same on your head as in the pictures.. but in this case. Its my head in the pictures so I know i like it.. I would be a lot further on if it wasn’t for my sisters wedding/hamefarin etc and if in my haste I hadn’t made a mistake that meant I had to rip out half a repeat (arrgh) none the less, good progress is being made and I would love to have it finished to show Gudrun when she arrives for Shetland Wool Week.


I decided to stick with what I had modelled and make the slouchy version, Vivian is wearing the Beret version, both which are given in the pattern, I would love to try Brooklyn Tweed Loft which the samples were made in but as it is a 4ply I decided to go for my old faithful and use 2ply Jumper Weight – anyway we JUST got in new stock of FC39 which was a discontinued shade and I thought this was the perfect chance to try it out, it is a lovely bluey green marl and I cant wait to use it in some fair isle.. but I also think it is working beautifully with a simple lace pattern to show it off..


Gudrun has told me that the book is being printed as i type and should be ready to ship October the 6th! Which is so exciting, you can still pre-order on Ravelry and as well as a printed copy that includes an ebook of the book too, I love all of the designs and me and Vivian had a great time modelling, she is currently away on a four week trip in the USA (me, jealous? never..) so I cant wait to show her when she gets back as I will have a copy by then! We will be selling ones in J&S at Wool Week as well as Gudrun having a Trunk Show for the collection.




You can also view a lookbook for the collection here which gives you more information about each pattern and inspirations behind it, there are ten patterns in all ranging from a lace scarf up to and aran jumper and of course some lovely fair isle and lace, something for everyone and if I could I would knit them all.. I still might.. Oh and of course the photography is beautiful which was done by Kathy Cadigan.

Thanks Gudrun for asking me and Vivian to model, I cant wait to see the finished book!

Speak soon xxxxx

15 thoughts on “hermaness hat

  1. Dear Ella, the pictures and the knits are breathtaking. Especially for me as I keep struggling through every single project I start!
    Could you say where we can pre-order the book? I haven’t found a link for that.
    Many thanks,

  2. Hi Ella, that wool is a gorgeous colour , why on earth was it ever discontinued? Your knitting looks lovely, wish my attempts at ribbing looked half so neat.
    So sorry to hear you’re poorly again, hope you get better soon (I’ve currently got both a crooky neck/shoulder and an eye infection and look somewhat like Quasimodo so you have my sympathies)

  3. you only have days to get better for wool week!!!! hurry, hurry and feel better!!! Love the hat……how lucky that you’ve had a preview of how it will look (which is really great, by the way!)

  4. OH yes, get some Whisky, ah I mean medicine :) Great book, LOVE the mustardy colour on that sweater. WIll have to get this book, need to knit FASTER…………… Take care!

  5. Hello Ella….great to be receiving your posts..yes I have preordered Gudrens book…your knitting is very inspiring..have decided that this year for me is the year of the sweater, with a shawl and of cource some hats thrown in..have just orded yarn foe Gudrens hansel half version..am excited ..shetland yarn is my most fav….have fun at Shetland wool week ..wish I could be there..maybe next year

    Cheers and best wishes..pat j (ont , canada)

  6. I’m sure with your contacts in the world of knitting, you have other options, but let me know if you ever want to swap for some Brooklyntweed. My yarn shop is one of the flagship stores, and now that I’m pregnant who knows how long it will be before I can shop at J&S in person again (thank goodness for online ordering, but still, the shop is just lovely).

  7. I was thrilled to let a friend who asked me to order her a copy of Gudrun’s book at the same time…that they had arrived so quickly. You ladies look absolutely lovely modeling! I am always happy when there are more than a few pieces I’d like to knit in one book. Gudrun has designed another wonderful collection!

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