knit, knit, knit..

Hello! Thank you all for the lovely comments about my trip to Iceland, at the moment it seems a million miles away.. I am preparing for the Shetland Arts and Craft Associations annual Christmas Craft Fair. This involves a lot of knitting. Since I work pretty much full time my knitting is resigned to evenings and weekends and I am feeling pretty tired! It will all be worth it though, this is my third year doing the Craft Fair which is quite exciting and does make me quite proud of my peerie business. I wish I kept a note of how many crofthouses I have made, I would love to know how many are out there..The furthest in the world that I know of are Australia and Canada.. and one is en route to America as I speak!


IMG_3924 IMG_3921 IMG_3918

IMG_3885I have tried to refine a few of my crofthouse designs and also do some new things (which I’ll show you soon!) so I’m feeling quite happy with how everything is going. I have a huge amount of wool.. so the trickiest part is choosing colours!

IMG_3878 IMG_3876 IMG_3874 IMG_3869

All this machine knitting has made me long for some hand knitting and also in Shetland – its gotten chilly! so to appease this urge quickly I have knit myself a fun hat using chunky icelandic wool.. knit up in one night it has hit the spot! Ill try and share it as soon as I can.

I think this is my favourite photo.. In case you wondered there are 174 rows per cushion..


Speak soon! Ella xx

13 thoughts on “knit, knit, knit..

  1. ORANGE!! YEA, love it. You don’t need too much help choosing colours, you do a great job. Nothing like pressure of an impending craft fair to get you going :)

  2. I love your color choices…the croft houses all look so beautiful! I hope one day to visit Lerwick and be able to purchase one. Looking forward to seeing your Icelandic hat!

  3. I love my beautiful croft house cushion! It’s proudly displayed on my window seat, which also happens to be one of my favourite knitting spots. I use the croft house to prop up my Kindle and/or iPad while I knit. I’m hoping to get another one next year when I visit Shetland. You do such nice work, Ella!

  4. Hey Ella, what knitting machine would you recommend for a machine beginner? I’m thinking of getting one in the future as I would like to knit more sweaters but don’t necessarily have the time for the rows of stockinette!

  5. Just curious, what is that computer software pictured? I have an “electronic” Singer knitting machine (with the mylar cards that are super hard to find now) and I am looking into ways I can hook it up to a computer. I know there is software out there that can communicate with knitting machines but the information is limited and I am curious about how well it works…

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