2014 round up

if you have a wordpress blog you get a nice email at the end of the year with a round up of your stats, they give you your most viewed posts, biggest commenters, search terms etc.. My favourite search term thats led someone to my blog is this ‘how old is Ella Gordon’….!! well I’m 24 in case you wondered.. haha!

My number one most viewed post isn’t even from this year, its my Spencer dress post from last year! If people were still wondering and I get comments and messages all the time, there is still no pattern for this dress. Although I did see this amazing version on Ravely the other day

PicMonkey Collage

The next most viewed post is Mam’s Icelandic jumper, her original jumper which we found and I fixed to fit me better!


Most likely I think thanks to a repost on the Wovember blog, my post on boarding jumpers was the third most viewed post.


I had a great Wool Week this year and met so many people who read my blog, which is always crazy! but my round up of my Wool Week was the next most viewed.

speaks for itself..

The last post which was most viewed this year is one of earliest posts in 2014, a round up of my collection of lace cardigans


So I think it’s safe to say my vintage knitwear collecting is what brings a lot of you here, I also have another blog just for that purpose, this year I started my knitwear collection blog (i have quite a few new pieces to be added…!)

Photo 16-11-2014 09 39 07 pm

I had another successful stand at the Shetland Craft Fair, and I was so happy with all the support and orders I got from people who found me through this blog. so thank you!

Of course by working at Jamieson & Smith I meet a lot of different knitters (on and offline) which leads me to lots of great opportunities, like Curating an exhibition at the Textile museum


Which in turn meant I wrote my first published piece of writing!


I also did a bit of modelling for famous designers, which also meant I got to stay in the most beautiful place I’ve ever stayed: Belmont house in Unst.


And helping Kate in a few ways with Yokes, from going to the archives with her on her visit to Shetland and machine knitting the body and sleeves for the Cockatoo Brae cardigan.. a big honour!


Going over all the things I’ve done this year is great, and I really want to thank everyone who supports me. I don’t reply to every comment but I read them all and appreciate every one. :) Happy 2015!

Ella xx

16 thoughts on “2014 round up

  1. I hadn’t seen your Spencer dress before, but I love it! I do hope you write up the pattern at some point. Wishing you a creative 2015. (And I too love seeing people’s sometimes bewilderingly random search terms that lead them to my blog. :-) )

  2. Happy New Year 2015 Ella. Thank you for all your interesting posts over the year – I have learnt a lot. Hope it won’t be too long before I can have another Shetland trip,

  3. Thanks so much for such an interesting blog – make that for TWO interesting blogs. I’m glad you linked your knitwear blog, which was new to me, and as inspiring as this is.

    Best wishes for 2015!

  4. LOVE and read all your blogs………..your Spencer dress beats the ‘other one’ all to pieces!!! and that bag??? The one that says, I KNIT etc
    I had that made up for friends this year….thank you so much for all your wooly interests and passing them on to us!! Happy and Healthy new year. Hope your Hogmanay celebration was a pip!!

  5. Hi Ella, one of your new followers, discovered you and your blog through Kate Davies’ blog and much enjoy it. Looks like you had a wonderful 2014, Happy New Year from Switzerland!

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