lila winter


As mentioned in my last post, I was making good progress on my lila winter.. well I have now finished and after wearing it today I can say I am very pleased. I love to collect and wear the craziest Fair Isle knitwear I can but I also have a big love for simple and effective knitwear. This pattern is from Anthology 2 which came out in January. It was love at first sight! It is a simple chunky jumper with a curved hem and garter stitch cuffs.


I loved the dark grey in the sample but I didn’t have anything right in my stash and (apart from wool I bought last night..) I’m trying not to buy too much wool.. so I had a dig around and I decided upon Shetland Aran in shade SS17 (discontinued and I bought the last of it.. sorry) its a beautiful light grey. I held two strands together to achieve a chunky weight which was hard going on my hands as it is quite a rough 2 ply woollen spun yarn.


It is knit top down and actually came together really quickly, I love the garter stitch cuffs and rib. Its so nice and squishy! I also learnt a new way to do short rows, the Carol Sunday method which is now my favourite. It seems to be the best for me to avoid holes when I close the gaps.


The jumper is lovely as cosy, all the more appropriate is the name Lila Winter since this is what we woke up to in Lerwick today..


brrr..  speak soon xxxx

14 thoughts on “lila winter

  1. Lovely, wintery sweater. Love the squishiness!! We all need a few of this type because of where we live and winters can be long. We have had 9″+ of snow and are expecting a total of about 15″.

  2. This jumper is cozily perfect for your winter. I like the neutral grey. I can see you wearing it with a chambray or printed collar button up and a statement necklace.

  3. Nice work, Ella. Looks very comfortable! I agree with about Carol Sunday’s short-row method. I learnt it from Kate’s YOKES! book, and it works wonderfully. :)

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