a good saturday

I usually spent my weekends knitting as you know, but this week I had Thursday and Friday off and I was able to finish and post off 6 cushions so yesterday I decided to NOT feel guilty about having a day of from knitting. My Mam grew up in Ollaberry which is in Northmavine, about 45 minutes drive from Lerwick. I saw on Facebook the other week they were organising a knitting and spinning day in the Ollaberry Hall full of examples of Shetland knitting from Northmavine..

Im there.

So me, Mam, my sister and my neice and nephew headed up to Ollaberry for a look and I thought I’d share some of the brilliant examples on display. Also we arrived just as the teas were started. Hall Teas are amazing, Ollaberry Hall especially.. those little pancakes. Yum. Anyway, there were ladies spinning and knitting away and it was great to see what a strong tradition we still have all over Shetland.



IMG_4749 IMG_4748 IMG_4747

this jumper is the one on the boy on the right of the photograph


I love the neckline on this lace jumper, I’ve never seen one like it before!


a book of samples much like the ones I showed in this post


interestingly this cardigan is a fawn version of one of my lace cardigans seen in this post


Magnie enjoying playing with the knitted squares


I loved this Crofthouse motif on this Lace Stole, its the same (but reversed) in Donna’s Hap

IMG_4764 IMG_4762 IMG_4760

I hope you enjoyed this look at some of the things on show, I had an excellent afternoon which was made even better by the fact I was given a black bag FULL of old cloos of Shetland Wool by an old family friend.. a great day all round!

speak soon,

Ella xx

30 thoughts on “a good saturday

  1. Hi Ella,
    What a brilliant day out. All the knitted jumpers and cardigans and all those yikes look gorgeous, I especially liked the picture of the little boy from years ago in the jumper that was then shown with the photo (hope that makes sense) And the picture of little Elizabeth Nicolson in her jumper was great, she looks so smiley and happy in her lovely jumper.
    What exactly were you given a bag of…I’m not familiar with the word “cloo”
    A few years ago in Norwich there was an exhibition of Norwich shawls and patterns on show in various old buildings and churches in the city, and I persuaded my boyfriend to come with me, I did have to bribe him with ice-creams but if there had been a hall tea with pancakes I think he’d have been dragging me along.

  2. Oh my,
    is that ‘old shale’ knitwear in the first pic ? So tricky finding patterns other than shawls for this – want, want, want

    1. There is a beautiful pattern for an open work lace jumper in the old shale pattern in Madeline Weston’s The Traditional Sweater Book. It’s one of my most treasured books, and was reprinted a few years ago.

  3. This post has inspired me to ask again, how can I source a hand knitted gem for myself?


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  4. Knitting and spinning together with friends is universal, I love knitting and spinning with my fiber friends. We get together twice a month. The photographs are wonderful–thank you for sharing!

  5. Oh my gosh – a wonderful Saturday indeed. How do you keep your head on such inspirational trips? I’m just looking at the photographs and mine has exploded with ideas. I look forward to seeing what’s in that bag old old cloos!!

  6. I wish I could have been there. What an interesting gathering! Thanks so much for taking all the photos. I especially liked the sweater the little girl wore who was playing with the knitted squares.

  7. Ella..thanks so much for the tour ..how wonderful for you to be able to just go and be a part of your shetland traditions..would love to be there

    Cheers pat j

  8. What a wonderful day out. Thanks for bringing us all along vicariously (too bad we can only imagine the pancakes!)

  9. Thanks for taking us along on your visit to the Ollaberry show. What a great place you live in!

  10. What a lovely event to explore. The little one was adorable in his Fair Isle yoke jumper. I loved your shot of the hanging jumpers on the wall.

  11. I love the cardigan with the red edges. Old shale I think? Really unusual – I think it’s the colours as well as the stitch. Might have to try and make a copy of it once I ork out what it is about it that’s so gorgeous. I love the lace patterns too. Thanks *so much* for sharing the patterns and pictures with us.

  12. Hi,Hella
    I’m Rosa, a 50 year old woman who loves knitting . I came across your blog because shetland word is always inspiring for me. The thing is that I am from the Basque Country , (Bilbao) in the north of Spain, and we have villages called OLABARRI, so close to OLLABERRY. We speak our own language, Basque, and I felt surprised with the similarity of the name. Basque and Scotish have a strong connection.
    I like your blog a lot. I’d love to visit the Shetland

  13. LOVE the jumper that matched the photograph of the boy with the chicken. Such beautiful colour choices.

    Any idea when the jumper with the swastika motifs dates from? Just curious. I’m assuming it’s pre-war, but maybe not?

  14. What a super day out, I was vexed I missed it so thanks for sharing the photos! There are so many lovely things I really hope they do it again. It’s really interesting to see the hoose on the hap too – thanks for adding the link to my blog!

  15. What a great place to have a day off and tea and cakes to boot! I love all the photos especially the wave pattern cardigan with the orange button bands – what a joy it would be to wear that. Thank you for giving us all a chance to have a look too…

  16. Oh, my! I have always LOVED these sweaters and admire the beautiful knitting!!! I would so love to visit and have a day of tea and wool!!!

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