natures colours


as you know, well maybe you don’t but, I work at Jamieson & Smith and I do all the blogging over there. As you can imagine it is a very busy place to work so blogging has to come quite low on the agenda sometimes after, you know, sending orders and serving people BUT this past couple of weeks I have been doing a lot of work on them with my boss Oliver and I’m enjoying it.. what you really need for blog posts is good photos so I often take my camera to work and take lots of pictures just in case they would work for a post. Anyway.. I find the raw wool in the woolstore very photogenic, especially at this time of year since we are not overrun with crofters and wool but that time is nearly upon us again! I thought I’d share some pictures of the raw wool I’ve taken alongside some of my collection of natural coloured knitwear.

col5 col4 col3 col2 col1 col6


I am quite busy at the moment but not stressed-busy so thats good! I’m working on lots of stuff but its all kind of secret so I cant really show you BUT last night I finished my riddari and since we are crawling out of winter and it doesn’t get dark at 3pm anymore (woohoo) I might even get photos taken this week!! I am really pleased with how its come out so I cant wait to show you more.

til then, hope your all fine and happy knitting. x

14 thoughts on “natures colours

  1. I have been enjoying the Jamieson and Smith blog a lot lately. Thanks for writing it and getting your boss, Oliver involved in his history on the Shetland Islsnds.

  2. This is really cool! I love how you presented raw to finished, in this way. I keep re-looking at this…it’s just really neat. Makes one ponder….

  3. Those pictures are YUMMY!!! I can smell the fleece from here :) And love the colours you used for your sweater AND that S&J blog is fantastic, I have forewarded it everywhere, thanks for all your work.

  4. Hi Ella, how on earth do you resist just jumping into the middle of all that fleece (like a big woolly bouncy castle) and breathing in it’s sheepy smell every time Oliver’s back is turned? I thought your pictures of the fleece next to your beautiful collection of knits looked fantastic, as lovely as the fleece looks, it’s amazing to see how it is transformed by knitting…..

  5. The pictures are lovely. How I wanted to do a face plant into the unprocessed fleeces! What a fortunate person you are to work in such a stimulating environment.

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