sunday walk


Thank you for all the lovely comments and emails on my last post about the Shearers, its very appreciated and I’m really pleased it was of some interest to people other than my relations!

As I have mentioned Shetland, like much of the UK, has been suffering from a rubbish summer punctuated by one or two glorious days. Yesterday was like that so me and my boyfriend got up early travelled north and did a big (and very hilly) walk to Uyea.




An upside to all the rain is that Shetland is looking very lush and green, if a bit boggy at times! Of course we saw a lot of Sheep, most had already been clipped which I’m sure they were happy about since it was very warm – Not something you can say often! You can see in the picture above lots of hentilagets, that’s what we call the little bits of wool that fall off the sheep. I was tempted to pick bits up but I’d already been given trouble for keeping stopping to take photos of sheep so I thought that might be seen as odd behaviour!

IMG_6199 IMG_6201 IMG_6202After a couple of hours of walking along the coast we reached our destination. Uyea is an island made accessible by a beautiful beach only revealed when the tide is out. It is constantly changing, its one of Peters favourite places so we have been a few times, and each time i’ve been it looks different. We’ve always gone by driving in a 4×4 quite close. It was all the more satisfying to get there after walking the 4 or 5 miles.. I say this now of course having done it.

IMG_6210 IMG_6218 IMG_6213 IMG_6212 IMG_6219

Its been a tough and busy couple of weeks with more to come so it was nice to get out of the town and just walk for a while, when its sunny in Shetland I would never be anywhere else.. which you can tell from this smiley if a bit bedraggled photo!

IMG_6226 IMG_6230 Rather than go back the way we came (which honestly I don’t know I could have done it!) we walked back on the track, we saw lots of birds as we walked and as we came near to North Roe there was a few crofthouses to be seen too, which you know I’m always looking for!

IMG_6235 IMG_6234

Of course being a pair of pessimistic Shetlanders we didn’t wear any sun-cream, a sure fire way for the sun to disappear again so today I woke up with a nice red nose and forehead..!

Speak soon x

32 thoughts on “sunday walk

  1. RED noses, proves you DID it :) That sounds like a lovely walk and LOVE all the pictures. Thank you so much. lucky you.

  2. What a fantastic day. I could smell the sea, hear the sheep and feel the sun! The pictures show why a huge amount of people say that blue is their favourite colour.

  3. Ella, Thanks for taking us with you on this lovely track! Shetland looks fantastic, sure wish you had more sun.

  4. Such a beautiful area. The sea is such a brilliant blue color and looks so clean!! Thanks for all the great pictures.

  5. How Beautiful. The sky is such a clear beautiful blue. The vivid green in , what i expect is algae, on the rocks, stands out. What colours to inspire. I even found myself looking closely at the sand on your hand! Maybe I need a bit of a Holiday! I think, that there are times, the we tend to put designers up on a pedestal, forgetting that ya’ll are just regular folks. It is also nice to see the area a designer lives in. The when you release a design, or have a bit of a chat about something, we can see a bit, into how your environment might influence your wonderful work. I am very thankful, that you don’t mind taking us along for a bit ! The World is amazing! I’ll be waiting for the next time you slip us in your backpack, taking us along on a new adventure!

  6. Oh Ella..what amazing pictures..I am so green with envy that you live in Shetland , no matter what the weather…to be near the sea , and such a beautiful landscape is to be in paradise …thank you for sharing …nice that the two of you could have this break away…pat j

  7. Beautiful photos. I can barely wait to be in Shetland for Wool Week this year. Its a dream to come true!
    Love your blog and hope to meet you in person this year….and get a croft house pillow!

  8. Lovely photos, gorgeous country, beautiful day. I wouldn’t worry about seeming odd for picking up the hentilagets or stopping to take too many photos, Do what you like! We all appreciate the photos. I also loved the blog post about the herring.

  9. Thank you for sharing, Ella. Such lovely photos. The colours are amazing, even all the sparkly colours in the sand on your palm! And also, thank you for the new word: hentilagets. I grew up on a sheep farm (in Australia), but we never had a word for those bits of wool, though I don’t think Border Leicesters and Dorsets and Merinos lose as many little bits in the paddock as Shetland sheep do, maybe?! I suppose that in past times, those thrifty crofters would have picked up all the little hentilagets and spun them into yarn!

  10. What an ace day! And I love that you have a word for those bits of fleece floating around the fields! I collected quite a few of them when I visited and they ended up like a nice little felted pad after weeks in my pocket ; )

    Hoping there are a few free moments for you in the coming weeks xx

  11. Thanks for “taking us along” on your walk. It was beautiful! It makes me so sad to think I won’t be visiting there this year. You are so very lucky to live in such an amazing place.

  12. lovely pictures and so fine to go on your walk with you . love the hentilagets down here in the north east we just call it oo! every time I go for a walk and see some I have to collect it !!

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