stasis wristwarmers


When I made my Stasis jumper I mentioned briefly that I had tried initially to knit the jumper entirely in Loft, the Brooklyn Tweed yarn which the original pattern is made in. Knitting machines are fickle creatures and soft, easily breakable yarn does not a good combination make. So I ended up knitting both sleeves in the Loft yarn but by the end of the second sleeve I knew it was going to be tricky so I decided to start over using Jamieson & Smith Shetland Supreme in 2009 which of course I know works well in my machine.


So I flung my first sleeves away in annoyance, but because I am a hoarder I flung them into a drawer. I find the colourwork pattern on the Stasis jumper really pleasing and its beautifully balanced so I thought I would try and salvage them into something. I have ended up with a nice pair of wristwarmers, all I did was rip them back so far then picked up the stitches, did 5 or 6 rows of rib and cast off and sewed up the sides leaving a gap for my thumb. Life is pretty busy just now with not a lot of time for making so I was glad to have a little finished object to show after only a few hours.


I do have something exciting however to share which I did the work for a few months ago, The Shetland Wool Week Annual!


I have two patterns and a small interview in the annual, you can see from the names on the cover that some of my favourite textile contemporaries are also included, you can pre order a copy here or you will be able to purchase it in Shetland at Wool Week. As you can imagine Wool Week is a crazy time for me at work so I don’t think ill get a chance to post again before it but I will be back as soon as I can!

speak soon x

9 thoughts on “stasis wristwarmers

  1. I love these. Beautiful pattern, simple idea, and great use of unexpected leftovers. I have a sweater I will never finish that I think I should turn into a pillow, and this reminds me I could do that, you know, today.

  2. nice wrist warmers! and woooowwwie – so the Annual is out! can´t wait to see it in print! ;–)
    i really liked your patterns in there, too – should try to do them one day… best greetings up to the isles!

  3. I saw the picture of your coffee coloured, hexagonal patterned, bobble hat and sent it to my daughter. She loved it so can you tell me if the pattern is in the Shetland wool week annual please? If it is I can get the annual for her birthday in November. Many thanks

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