edinburgh yarn festival


So I am back from Edinburgh!! The yarn festival was brilliant, it was so busy and I got to see so many of my woolly pals, I even felt a bit starstruck sometimes! I am used to people coming to Shetland so it was nice to be out there myself and seeing everyone. The picture above is our stand on the Shetland Wool Week space, you can see we had lots of stuff for people interested in Wool Week to take away..


I wore my Puffin jumper (seen above with Alix – thanks for the picture!) on the Friday and I got lots of compliments on it, that is one of the most satisfying part of a woolly event, everyone appreciates what you are wearing! On Saturday I wore my newest project – a crofthoose yoke!


So as well as my hat I have secretly been trying this idea, I am working on the pattern and of course I will post it here when it is available – along with better photos! It will be my first foray into multi-sized patterns and what better to start with than one of my favourite things to make – a yoke! I had a number of people commenting on it at Edinburgh which had made me feel really good and excited about releasing it.

felicity, kate, misa and me

I cant really describe what this weekend was like, I was totally overwhelmed – in the best possible way – with the feedback I got about my design for wool week, about this blog.. lots of things. Thank you to anyone who spoke to me, messaged me and commented on my last post. I’m amazed how many projects are on the ravelry page for the hat already and how many pictures are on instagram under the #crofthoosehat !

I did do some purchasing.. ahem.. but I’m hoping to show that to you later this week…!

Speak soon xx

9 thoughts on “edinburgh yarn festival

  1. Brilliant! I loved seeing all the pictures on Kate Davies post and youry wee shop looked very inviting! I was going to cast on this AM but was listening to the 2nd part of the Study day and thought…….maybe wait til this is over :)

  2. so happy to have my pattern printed out and yarn ready to go – love that crofthouse hat! Keep up the good work here, Ella – love reading about all things yarn and knitting – especially with such a wonderful focus on culture etc. love it!

  3. What a great day at eyf. It was most excellent to hang out with you, even for a short while, Ella. I love the new banner on the blog – those crofthooses are a work of subtle genius.

  4. Love the pictures Ella and I love your crofthouse yoke – it’s got a bit of a bohus vibe going on with it too .. def going on the increasingly long list. It was great fun loved it – already decided I’m going next year too.

  5. Glad to hear that your time at EYF was so good. I’ve got your crofthoose hat in my queue as well, just have to decide on colors. I’m sure there is going to be a great wave of crofthoose hats all across Ravelry very soon. Love the crofthoose yoke, too. Congrats again on your being named Patron of the upcoming Wool Week.

  6. Your pictures are lovely, it looks like you had a smashing time. Your crofthoose yoke is so beautiful…..I think one of my favourite pictures of people working on your hat design is the one of Knitsonik matching colours for KnitBritish so her hat can match the street where she lived in Shetland….your wee crofthoose is such a heart warmingly smile making design, everyone is going to look so great wearing them for Shetland wool week.

  7. Great pictures Ella! Your crofthoose hat is in my Ravelry queue, and the jumper will be too the minute you get the pattern published. I’m so glad the EYF was a success, and that you had such a great time.

  8. Hi Ella. I went out on Saturday wearing my Crofthoose hat – out and about in Lerwick and had three conversations with folks about the hat – two of them were complete strangers. The woman in the Cancer Research shop asked me if ‘that was THE hat?’, and I bumped into another woman in the Street wearing her own Crofthoose hat. We stopped and had a chat about colours and blocking, even though we had never met before. It was so friendly. The third was a knitting chum who I met in the wool shop. Her comment – , ‘you’re awfy quick aff da merk!’ It has really created a buzz among Shetland knitters. So pleased at your success with this, Ella!

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