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Hello! So I thought I’d do something a bit different and do a video about my purchases at Edinburgh Yarn Festival, so if you are interested have a watch below! also sorry about the reflection from my glasses, I never noticed until afterwards.. typical.

things mentioned:

Shetland Wool Week and Crofthoose Hats!

Hedgehog Fibres

Kate Davies Buachaille

Midwinter Yarns

North Ronaldsay Yarn


Anna Maltz

60 North Magazine

Knitting with two colours by Amy Detjen and Meg Swanson

Rachel Atkinson

Crofthoose Jumper



38 thoughts on “eyf purchases

  1. Thanks for the video report! It was lots of fun to watch. Only now I am thinking that I need some more yarn. :)

  2. Enjoyed the video. It was great to see you at EYF. I would definitely vote for more vids in future. Mel x

  3. More videos Ella and more patterns too! Please that is. Looking forward to seeing what you make with your EYF purchases thanks for sharing.
    Regards Jane

  4. Hi Ella,
    The video was so great to watch and it was very interesting to see your woolly purchases and listen to you talk about your EYF weekend and your reasoning behind what you bought.. I’d definitely watch more of the videos if you make them. (and it was nice to show the video to my boyfriend and say “this is the lady who made my gloves”)

  5. hi Ella, so glad to see you posted this video! I hope a podcast follows soon, you’re great! Loved meeting you and chatting for a while. Take care, Claire

  6. Loved the video, Ella! thank you for taking the time to do that! I have my crofthouse hat pattern and yarn picked out – can’t wait for that day I decide it’s time to cast on!! I vote for more videos.

  7. Nice to put a voice to the face now. Can’t wait to see what you make of the electric pink yarn.

  8. Wonderful to see your purchases live…on video. Sounds like EYF was a blast for all who attended. The coral coloured yarn will look stunning on you! Always a good thing to purchase -outside the box- once in a while.

    So looking forward to purchasing your Crofthoose Yoke Jumper pattern…your colour choice is just so lively, it makes me smile every time I catch a glimpse of it. And I’ve luckily ordered a kit to be made up for your hat from my J&S supplier on this side of the pond. Can’t wait to get it on the needles!

  9. Hi Ella..great watching your video..you have such a soft voice it so easy to listen too..you did make me laugh, you have such a nice sense of humor..you are too modest , LOL…great job..will look forward to your crofthoose yoke…..cheers pat j

  10. Loved the video instead of having to read your post. All of the yarn looks gorgeous, it makes me want to buy and hoard!!!!

    I’ve downloaded the crofthoose hat pattern – thanks. I bought one of your crofthoose cushions for my mam at Christmas and she loves it.

    Lynn x

  11. Morning Ella, I just had my morning tea with you. A video is a great way of sharing those wonderful purchases. It was very exciting and suspenseful. There you are, wearing neutral colours in front of a neutral background, then ZING – up pops coral pink and light copper and raspberry red and mustard. Fabulous. That Midwinter yarn looks delicious – I must take a closer look at that. I love your crofthoose sweater, it’s most inspiring.

  12. Hi Ella! I loved your video, thanks for sharing it, and congratulations on your crofthoose hat pattern, it’s gorgeous. Can ask about the cardigan you’re wearing in the video: is it one you made, or one from your vintage collection? Have a lovely weekend :)

    1. Hi Katie, it is one of my most worn cardigans, I got it from the Cancer Research shop a few years ago for £1.20!! It’s just a simple machine knit lace cardigan but I love it. Xx

  13. I would also enjoy seeing videos here from time to time. It’s nice to hear the voices of the bloggers I follow and to see the faces of the podcasters I follow. It was very easy and conversational and definitely faster than writing it all out.

    It was a pleasure to meet you at EYF and speak with you and Carol briefly. I’m looking forward to seeing all the versions of your hat and jumper patterns as people put their own colourways into finished objects. I have a combo in mind that will coordinate with the hap I made last year… All the finished objects that pop up in social media must feel pretty great and weird for you. Good luck with your designs!

  14. Great video – very natural, and nice to see you talking about all your wool. Made me relax about my own stash a bit!

  15. Hi Ella
    I too loved the video and your lace sweater! Not surprised your hat got such a great reception at EYF…it’s a wonderful, wearable design! It was fun to see and hear about your purchases. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Yes please! More videos! I follow your blog and am so envious of how you find these lovely sweaters wherever you go in charity shops and wherever. No such luck here in the states! Love the Crofthoose hat and the jumper, and loved seeing what you bought at EYF. I hope someday to make it to Shetland and J&S. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the video, and please do more!

  17. Yes, nice to sit here knitting and listening to the video. I´m from Germany, my English is OK, but not perfect. So in some parts, I had to stop and repeat it again and a third time to understand what you said. But I like to see videos and I like to see, who is behind the blog.

  18. I loved the video, it was lovely and, like other commenters, I felt it must have been a really good festival, so maybe next time I will go and meet you there. Thank you for showing the yarns and providing links for all these temptations…

  19. Hi, nice to meet you that way. I follow your blog for quite some time now and am a big fan of your crofthoosecushions, so I´m looking forward to the sweaterdesign.
    The question about the cardigan in the video is already answered so have a nice week.

  20. Loved your video Ella, you are a natural! It was great to see you in Shetland- we had a brilliant time and hope to come again. Love Ann

  21. I really liked the video, Ella, So nice to hear your voice, like hearing from a friend. I hope you continue making videos.

  22. Ella, I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and I always love it, especially now that I could hear your voice. Good luck with the crofthoose jumper (and your flashy neckthing). I can’t wait for the pattern release. Please keep blogging and making videos. Love from Belgium, Isabel

  23. Thanks for taking the time to make the video. I loved watching it and hearing the voice behind the blog. I will be traveling to Shetland in August and will also be buying lots of wool. I hope you have your sweater pattern out by then. Take care, Debbie

  24. Great video, I absolutely loved to hear you talk about your woolly purchases. It would be wonderful to see more in the future. I also enjoy your blogposts, though.
    Congratulations on being patron of shetland wool week and your lovely hat and jumper pattern. The blue/orange colourway is my favorite and it was interesting to learn that the colours are dyed naturally. Great result.
    All the best for you from Switzerland, Melanie

  25. Hello Ella, Just writing to let you know I enjoyed your video very much. You are relaxed and delightful, and it is lovely to see what you’re up to!

    Lisa Griffith Boston, MA

  26. Love the vlog, I thought it was funny, interesting and a good way to get a lot of things across. I have to say that I thought the Shetland Scottish accent would be a bit harder to understand and not as soft as it is! The orange Hedgehog Fibres yarn is beautiful but I don’t think you’ll need two for a cowl though, unless you go for a really long one. It would make a very striking shawl/shawlette too that would great over neutral or dark colours.

  27. Hi,

    I too enjoyed the video, have downloaded the hat pattern and it’s next on my list. I too liked the cardigan you were wearing and wish there was a pattern as I have some yarn that would be just perfect for it. I’ll have to do a search! You never cease to amaze me with all you accomplish – what’s your secret? Keep up the good work, you do it so well.

  28. You are charmingly modest. I very much enjoyed your video – it’s always unexpectedly delightful to hear a blogger you read speak. I love the orange-y/blue colorway of your Crofthoose – I’ve downloaded the pattern and I’m off to search my stash. Keep up the nice work.

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