shetland wool week


Hello! Thank you all for the lovely and kind response to my Crofthoose Yoke! I’m sorry i’ve been a bit quiet but things are still quite busy, I’m hoping for a bit of relaxing soon. The photo above was taken at West Sandwick Beach in Yell a few weeks ago, it was a beautiful day!

This is a quick post to let you know about the classes and talk I’m doing at Shetland Wool Week, the programme and booking was announced today and you can see all the events here, I wish I was able to go to some of the classes but I’m sure ill be busy enough!

I’m doing two classes all about my vintage knitwear collection, ill be taking some of my extensive (ahem) knitwear I’ve collected over the past few years and talking about how you can take inspiration from these items. Amazingly one of the classes has already sold out but there is still spaces on the second class.

I’m also giving a talk (solo..sob, i wont have Kate to hold my hand this time!) about being a knitter in Shetland in 2016, I’m very passionate about keeping Shetlands skills and heritage alive so it will cover all the things that inspire me.

If you are coming I cant wait to meet you and if your not I’ll be sure to share as much as I can on here,

Speak soon! xx

6 thoughts on “shetland wool week

  1. and of course 3 thousand miles (4828 km) away I’m going to miss it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Whaaaaaaaaaaaa You will do fine without the hand holding. Remember you are speaking to a FRIENDLY captive audience!!

  2. I enjoyed your talk with Amy Detjen’s group last year. I liked Shetland so much that I’m coming back, this time for Wool Week and I’ve signed up for Being A Knitter in Shetland.

  3. I do hope your talk will be streamed in some way over the interwebs like your talk with Kate last year. You’ll do a wonderful job I’m sure and I’d really love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Remember, your whole audience is cheering you on!

  4. Looking forward to your Being a knitter in Shetland, your lecture last year was the best it’s only 4,097 miles and 15 hours of travel. Camera and knitting needles in hand!

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