video update

Hello! I had such good feedback from my last video that I thought I’d do another to catch up on what I’ve been up to since my last one. I hope you like it, anyway here’s the things I mention:

Crofthoose Yoke

Hedgehog Fibres

La Bien Aimee

Qing Fibres

Ysolda Blend One

Daughter of a Shepard

Faroese Pattern Book – Island Wool Companys

Navia Pattern Book

Shetland Wool Week

Brooklyn Knitfolk podcast

Charm of it podcast

Knitting in the City podcast

Stitched in Sweden podcast

Charlotte and Gus podcast

Mandarines podast

The Gentle Knitter podcast

The Book of Haps

Making Zine

Ravelry Group

19 thoughts on “video update

  1. Enjoyed your video with my morning oatmeal. All the links you provided will keep me busy for a while. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and resources and sort of a “day-in-the-life-of-a-knitter” with your talk on yarn and pattern purchases and the lovely children’s sweaters. Makes me feel a little less crazy for the yarn and book purchases I’ve made over the years and continue to make. LOL

  2. Thanks for a pleasant & interesting half-hour, Ella. I am enjoying your podcasts. I was very happy to hear that there will be a recording made of your talk at Wool Week. Wish I could be there in person to hear it. Maybe next year. Please keep doing the videos.

  3. Nice to hear your voice. Great yarn purchases……..Jealous re your Hebridean!! I did get some fleece and spun it lace weight and am knitting the Blackbird shawl by Kieran Foley. Not the softest but it wear well!! Love the bairns jumpers, really cute. stay well.

  4. Hi Ella! Do not fear the slipped stitches in sock patterns; it is really worth it (and pretty simple…). I avoided it (and sock knitting!) too long :)

  5. so many thoughts in my head! you are sooo cute… and your tiny croft house jumpers! that placket, the buttons!… i’d wondered about the faroese book… and it’s only ever self~love knitting (to replace selfish) ;) x

  6. Ella it is such a joy to watch and listen to you! and as another commented, you make me feel better about my ‘needing’ to add another hank of yarn, pattern, book, etc. to my already out of control stash…please keep doing these…

  7. Hey – good to see you, looking gorgeous as ever. I am very envious of your Chickadee – I Must try harder on EBay. Although you’ve probably bought everything worth having. Thinking about your amazing crazy speckle dyed yarn and your blend No1, or your Chickadee – have you looked at Anna Maltz’s Humboldt pattern? It uses two strands of yarn in a really clever way and it’s garter stitch. (although it is in the round – hmm – but not many stitches). Anyway – I vote for yellow and grey.

  8. Just a thought about children’s jumpers – those sleeves look quite narrow – for really small kids you need a lot of arm room for them to get in and out of jumpers. Especially when they still need help. I find that a lot of children’s patterns are too narrow in the arms. I don’t think I could carry off a crofthoose yoke myself but I know a child who can!

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