voe show


hello, I’m sorry for the unexpected silence over the past few weeks, I wish I could say I have been so busy doing lots of fun things and have lots of knitting to show you but I’m afraid I’ve been feeling very blah and uninspired. However, this weekend just been I did do something a bit different. You might have seen on the J&S blog I posted today that I was judging at the Voe Show for the colourbox competition. The Voe show is one of a number of agricultural shows all around Shetland over the summer, I took so many photos (as always) so thought I’d share some here too.














All is not lost however, I do have some knitting on the wires and I feel the inspiration is coming back…

speak soon, xxx

13 thoughts on “voe show

  1. To balance things, sometimes you need to do nothing. I think it is great you are doing so much for other knitters. With your knowledge and experience you really know what you’re looking at. That is very valuable.
    You’ll get your mojo back before you know it! Have a great summer.

  2. I love all the stunning knitting photos you are so kind to share with all of us….but it makes it even more special to see the behind the scenes pics and oooh such lovely sheep and coos! Always appreciate these photos, they never fail to inspire…keep ’em comin’ ;)

  3. It’s always fun to see the show entries. I don’t know how you choose the winners out of such beautiful things.

  4. Hi Ella…love your pictures as always..the show looks amazing..yes, well I too have been in a knitting slump..seems to happen every summer when it gets too hot here in Ontario 44 Celsius tomorrow with the humidex…I keep starting new projects hoping to get interested , then feel overwhelmed with 5 or more things on the go..I put away all but 1 project and am starting to get back on track, finally

    Cheers pat j

  5. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them. Do you know why those sheep in the photos below the ‘judging in progress’ pic have orange wool?! Intriguing!

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