heritage puffin cardigan


As soon as we got the new Natural Shetland Heritage yarn into my work I knew I wanted to make something with it, I had the idea to make yet another (this is my fourth!) variation of the Puffin Sweater by Kate Davies, its is such a great pattern and I knew it would work well in the Heritage (my second one was knit in the dyed version of the same yarn) and I’m not disappointed!


I did a bit of modifying to the pattern just to mix it up a bit, I did no waist shaping, in fact, I made the body more a-line in shape, I also used a Yarn Over increase method to make the yoke a bit lacy looking instead of the Kfb increasing used in the pattern. In keeping with my a-line shape i decided to just do 5 buttons at the top of the cardigan.


I wanted to try and use all 6 of the new shades but in my initial swatch, I wasn’t keen on the shading when I had Fawn and Moorit in so I decided to just use Shetland Black, Grey, Light Grey and White. This is two less I think than the original pattern so I had to do more rows of each colour which I think gives the yoke a more graphic look.


I was really good and swatched for both my machine knitted body and sleeves and the yoke, I actually made a size a few bigger than I would usually due to the gauge of the Heritage on my machine and so I could have a little bit more positive ease than my other puffins.

All in all, my natural Puffin cardi has given me a bit of my knitting mojo back! speak soon xxx


12 thoughts on “heritage puffin cardigan

  1. Lovely, lovely work. The colours look wonderful together, and I think the shape is really good! What a super garment.

  2. I really love the graphic look and the lacy changes…it compliments your coloring and features perfectly!

  3. Your Puffin cardigan looks really stunning Ella, the lacy detail is really subtle. Those natural shades suit you so well. Have you used mother of pearl buttons? Glad to hear you’re getting your knitty mojo back.

  4. Ella, that is stunning, and it really suits you. The lacey increases are a great idea, in fact I am quite tempted to have a go myself. It is wonderful. Congratulations Sue

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