crofthoose hat inspiration

Hello, thank you for all the comments and discussion on my post on Friday, today I thought we’d look at something a bit more cheery – Crofthoose Hats! I meant to do a lot more for the KAL but things have been so busy that I just haven’t had a chance – happily though people have still been making lots of Crofthooses.

There are now nearly 250 projects on Ravelry, and I love looking at all the different colours people have chosen, although I did the four colourways I really wanted people to choose their own colours and put colourways together.. I thought I’d share a few of the hats I’ve found inspiring from the project page but then I couldn’t stop!

1 2 3 4 5

My plan was to have the knit a long going until the 1st of September but I think I will have it ending at Wool Week so you still have until the 28th of September to get involved and knit your own Crofthoose Hat! I did start one in the new Natural Heritage yarn from my work but looking at all these hats I think I will knit a brightly one!

If you do knit one remember to tag your photos on instagram with #crofthoosehatkal and #crofthoosehat – Happy Knitting!

3 thoughts on “crofthoose hat inspiration

  1. acht, you are making me go there and look at all of them meself :) You really started something…….good on ya.

  2. All so lovely and colorful! I struggled with my colors wanting to make a hat that looked like Shetland. I ended up with red, black, grey and white. Therefore I vote for the black, grey and white one (second down on left) as one that IS Shetland. See you at Wool Week!

    Kathryn in Portland, Oregon USA

  3. Wonderful to see the hat knit up in so many different colours. I will the rest up on Ravelry. What inspirations you have caused!!! Thanks.

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