flora mitts

A few weeks ago, I shared a photo on Instagram of a yoke cardigan I had got from eBay, it emerged when I bought it that I had purchased it from my auntie Louise, in Shetland!


However I loved the colours in the yoke and particularly the mixture of moorit and blues which I had never really seen before, it gave me the idea to try the motif and colours on a pair of fingerless mittens.

img_9632-2 img_9631-2

Doing my pattern for the Wool Week annual (Crofthoose Mitts) had made me feel much more comfortable about doing the fingers on mitts and it was really easy to translate the yoke motif for the gloves. Many yoke patterns and glove patterns follow the same size Norwegian star so I did a bit of fiddling on illustrator until I was happy with the design then hit my stash of 2ply Jumper Weight to try and match all the colours which I was able to do quite easily! The original yoke is quite felted so the colours look even nicer and blended but even so I was pleased with what I came up with.

img_9671-2 img_9667-2

The mitts are knit from the cuff up with an afterthought thumb, you knit the thumb stitches in a waste yarn, slip them back onto the needle then reknit them in pattern. After you have finished you go back and unpick the waste yarn and pick up the stitches for the thumb. The fingers are knit by placing all the stitches on stitch holders and picking up stitches for the front and back before joining in the round. They are a bit fiddly but there are not that many stitches and hardly any rows so it doesn’t last long.


Although I use 7 colours in the pattern it would be equally effective in less colours and it’s perfect for using up odds and ends of jumper weight. I like to knit my fair isle on 3.5mm needles but for these, I went down to 3mm for a more dense and warm fabric. If you would like to knit your own Flora Mitts you can purchase the pattern on my Ravelry page here!

I will most probably/definitely now not be back here until after Shetland Wool Week, it begins a week on Sunday and I am very nervous and excited – so keep me in your thoughts and wish me good luck with my speech and talk and classes – eek!

Speak soon xxx

8 thoughts on “flora mitts

  1. So pretty, love how you were inspired by the vintage cardigan. The brown, blues and cream/white work so well together.

  2. Your mitts are lovely, Ella, and I adore your Crofthoose pattern too. You understand colours so well. Unfortunately, I cannot attend Shetland Wool Week. As a teacher, I can’t get time off in September. As for SWW, don’t get stressed out too much. I’m sure you will do just fine. There’s already a fan here! Good luck!
    Isabel (Belgium)

  3. What a small world it is on eBay! I bet your aunt was surprised, too. Love the mitts, too. Unfortunately in my cold climate, fingerless mitts or gloves aren’t very useful, but it would be easy to make them into mittens. Good luck at Wool Week!

  4. Best of times at wool week. Enjoy every minute as patron, it is well deserved! And what’s up with Auntie?! Does she not know about your obsession, er…. passion? Too funny!

  5. Another lovely pattern to add to your repertoire, well done! And do enjoy every moment of SWW 2016! It will pass so quickly and you really will forget to be nervous, when you see how very excited people are to see you in person and share your love of fairisle knitting! Have fun and remember some of the precious moments ;)

  6. Perfect timing, Ella, as I want to knit some mitts for the coming winter months so I’ve just bought the pattern. I have a big stash so, though I love yours and Aunty Flora’s colours, mine will be different. And though I’ve knitted lots of Fair Isle patterns, I’ve never knitted in the round so I thought I’d start small – these are perfect! (Crofthouse hat after this!)
    Good luck for Wool Week – I’m sure you’ll be a star! :-)

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