We have had a great spell of weather in Shetland the past couple of weeks, I knew it was all too good to be true so on Thursday I took the chance to go with some of my pals who were home up to Fethaland for a walk!


Fethaland is an old fishing station located about a 2 mile walk from the tip of North Roe, and is the furthest point of the mainland of Shetland. I’ve been there a few times before, its a nice walk there (minus a couple of big hills) and we had a lovely time. The day was bright but quite grey which is reflected in the colours of the landscape, of course I took a gajillion pictures so I thought I’d share some..











img_9901 6


Fethaland was a Haaf station and at one time the busiest in Shetland. There are loads of old structures left behind, it almost has a St Kilda kind of vibe and you can imagine how busy and bustling it would have been at one time. The huts had wood and turf roofs which they would remove at the end of every season but on your way to the stations there are lots of old examples of crofthouses which were probably very near to all the action at one point, its crazy that they are now nowhere near anyone…

This video is amazing and shows a number of photos of the station and now..

I had a great day with some of my oldest pals and it was so good to get out and walk! I have been quite tired after Wool Week so it was nice to do something different.

speak soon xx

12 thoughts on “fethaland

  1. Wonderful photos and such an amazing video. It seems so sad that it is all in ruins now but even from your photos and the video I can feel the presence of those who lived there.I do enjoy your posts very much. Thank you.

  2. Lovely photos. Always sad to see a building without the roof and windows and to try and imagine the families or workers that were once there. The video brought it all back to life in such a wonderful way.

  3. There is always an otherworldliness about ruined places, but the video took it to a whole new level. I loved the way the old times reappeared from the present day photos. It was very spooky the way the men appeared in front of the stacked stone wall! Thanks for sharing your day with us, Ella.

  4. Thank you for the video, Ella. So well done. I didn’t know that the roofs (sp?) were replaced every year. The narration was especially intriguing, with the man’s accent setting the scene for this American.

  5. This is a wonderful place — I got to visit with Gudrun & Mary Jane in August. Thanks for the video — I agree it’s amazing to imagine how very busy it once was & how solitary it is now.

  6. Positively glorious, Ella! I so much wish I could come again to Shetland!! And the photo of you and your collection on Kate’s page is so very lovely too!!

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