new york

Hello everyone, I’m sorry I haven’t been back sooner to tell you about New York, I thought I’d try something a bit different with the gallery above so you could see some of the pictures I took (just on my phone) while I was away. I also filmed a video today with a haul and my thoughts about being in New York, It all gets a bit rambly at points but I hope you like it!

Things mentioned:

Purl SohoLinen Quill and Alpaca Pure Helix

Do Ewe Knit Hedgehog Fibres Chubby

Yarn CupboardWoolfolk Tynd

Upscale Hare


Dustys Vintage Buttons

Prado Delano

Eric – Sticks + Twine podcastRib magazine

Michele Wang

Romi Hill

Gudrun Johnston

Mary Jane Mucklestone

Lori Graham

Jaclyn – Brooklyn Knitfolk Podcast

Kirsten – Voolenvine

Bristol Ivy

Up Helly Aa

8 thoughts on “new york

  1. Glad to hear that your trip to New York Vogue Live went so well. See, you are a celebrity, too.

  2. Great post and video, as always. I also loved the sweater you were wearing–that beautiful shaded yoke with the eyelets! Is that your design, or could you tell us what it is?! You and Kate Davies have gotten me back into color knitting, and you’ve put Shetland on my list of must-see places. Thank you!

  3. Really enjoyed your post and video. Glad you had a great time in New York. Your posts/videos always inspire me to knit/buy more knitting stuff! Love those Norwegian star buttons. (Also agree with Suzie – your jumper is lovely, what a nice yoke) :)

  4. Hi Ella – loved your post and video about VKL in New York – it will be nice if you do a post about the Edinburgh Yarn Festival too. I enjoyed the interviews with you and Oliver about Shetland Wool on the Fruity Knitting Podcast. Regards from South Africa

  5. Hi Ella, I love the jumper you are wearing in this video could you kindly tell me the pattern please, and the wool that you used, Many thanks

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