moving on..

Hello everyone, I’m so sorry I have been so quiet since I came back from New York, this year has been a bit tough so far but in two days I leave for Edinburgh Yarn Fest and I am. so. excited..!! I thought I’d do a quick blog and remind you all that after Friday when the new patron and pattern for Shetland Wool Week is announced at EYF the Crofthoose Hat pattern will no longer be available for free!

look at all those happy hats and people, don’t you just want to make one? Well, you better download it now! I will be doing a bit of pattern rejigging and then will have it available to buy from my Ravelry store in a month or so. As an aside, I still have a couple of Crofthoose pattern ideas, do you think I should let it go and move on or would you be ok with me developing them..? Let me know.

Im sad that my year of being patron has come to an end but I will always be so grateful for how much it has helped me, my confidence and my skills in designing, I also have all the people who read here to thank for that too so thank you! I finally feel I am getting into the groove again with designing and have been working on a new…. yoke (of course) pattern:

I am hoping to have the pattern out in April all going well so keep an eye out for that! I will probably wear it to EYF on Friday so if you see me come and say hi!, actually if you see me either of the days say hi! I am really looking forward to catching up with friends old and new and doing some serious damage to my bank account. I have been saving up since christmas so I feel a spending spree coming on..

I have been having some family stuff going on which I won’t go into detail about because for one It’s all a bit boring actually and for another, it’s not my problem so probably shouldn’t go around blabbing about it, but anyone who has a parent or family member with addiction issues will understand. I swing from it completely taking over my thoughts and draining me of creativity to being able to carry on ok but at the end of the day I have to live my life too and things like going to Edinburgh will really help take my mind off things!

So hopefully I’ll be back soon with maybe a EYF haul, would that be good? Speak soon xx

31 thoughts on “moving on..

  1. Ella, you can croft house until the end of time as far as I am concerned..more cushion covers in a variety of designs would be lovely. Dare I say “leg warmers”? well, maybe boot tops. Loved seeing you and Ollie on Fruity Knitting.

    More podcasts and blogs will be welcomed but don’t put the pressure on yourself. Your die-hards are patient. At Wool Week, this year you shared a bit about your struggle with confidence especially about your BIG SPEECH but you pulled it off so well. Time will make confidence grow and you’ve got “the stuff.” to make a fantastic career.

    all the best,
    Kathryn in Portland, Oregon, USA

    1. Cushion Covers ?*!*? Oh yes! Mine needs baskets, birdies, and a long-haired cat! Thanks, Emma!

  2. love the crofthoose, keep’em coming if you are of a mind to.

    hang in there about the rest – and do make time for yourself and to keep your energy levels up. You are as important as the one who is sucking the life out of those around him/her. and you can only be responsible for yourself. Take good care of YOU. and have a wonderful time in Edinburgh – I am so jealous…

  3. All the best in your new “life” and even if personal, I hope/wish everything will be all right pretty soon, don’t worry, be happy and keep knitting! Take care

  4. Love Crofthoose anything! Purchased Shetland wool week ANNUAL 2016 just for the Crofthoose Mitts! Although, I do have to admit. Donna Smith’s shawl was a sweet bonus! Planning to use your Crofthoose hat pattern for a cowl next winter. Now as to the other . . . I have a brother who . . . well, enough said about that! You have to let it go! Easier said than done, I know, but you cannot fix what is out of your control, period! You still love them; they still hurt you and those you love; but now, their actions no longer dictate your decisions and choices. If you think you’re clinically depressed and have low self-esteem, SAVE YOUR MONEY! You’re probably just surrounded by . . . what’s the Scottish word for “imbecile”?*!*? Keep those designs coming!

  5. See you in Edinburgh. I am coming from Canada, wearing the hap you designed. It is knit with the Shetland wool. I can’t wait to meet you!

  6. Lovely post Ella. If you like your ideas for more Crothoose stuff, go for it. I love them!

    I really like what I can see of the new sweater. I’ll be watching for the new pattern.

    Enjoy the EYF.


  7. Lovely post Ella. If you like your ideas for more Crothoose stuff, go for it. I love them!

    I really like what I can see of the new sweater. I’ll be watching for the new pattern.

    Enjoy the EYF.

  8. More crofthouse! You know if you don’t someone will probably take (steal) your idea and do something.
    I was worried when I saw “moving one” – oh no! What does that mean? Relieved to know it just means your year as patron is over. It’s been a great one! And next week at EYF the new patron will be announced. Wish I could be there.

  9. Ella, I’m so happy for you that the year as Patron, has brought so many positives into your life! I wish you much fun at EYF…a place to recharge the batteries and immerse yourself in what you love! Love the new ‘yoke’.

    As an adult child of a person with ‘issues’…and it would seem you are learning this much earlier than I did…the saying -not your circus, not your monkeys-…is so very true and words to live by! Dealing with it all, taught me how strong I am…I think you will see this in yourself more and more, as the years pass by. You have started already…(once that very first speech was under your belt-I’m sure you felt it) :)

    Please do keep ‘Crofthoose’ anything coming!!!! Such a cheerful, fun design to knit. It is with shear joy, we get to watch you grow into your amazing shoes, which seem to overflow with design ability, personal strengths and much greatness yet to come!

    Happy, happy, happy wool collecting ;) oooh and please podcast the collection when you have time, so we can drool…lol

  10. I always like to hear from you and am sorry to hear you are dealing with difficult issues. I wish you the best. Gail Roche

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  11. I’ll chime in with the rest of the crowd! Flush all your Crofthouse ideas out until you feel complete with it. Then you can really move on with no idea-tails hanging. Get it well out of your system for the joy of all of us ;) We happily receive them!
    I let myself go through this process even though I have different and unrelated ideas spinning out. I write them down, even knit a swatch or two for a break from the current theme I am running on so I can create a feel and don’t loose the essence of my idea.

    So wish I could be at EYF! Maybe next year. Sounds like such a lovely community!

    Good luck and have a blast!

  12. Never too many crofthooses, in my opinion!!! I have loved all the patterns you have released so far :D

    Hope you have a wonderful time at EYF and it provides you witih both some distraction and regenerative time. Sending you warm thoughts!

  13. I’d love to see more Crofthoose designs. Love it. I’m sorry to hear if your family issues but hopefully things will improve for you. I’m going to EYF so hopefully see you there. I’m sure my bank account will take a battering. 😃

  14. oh Ella, Crofthoose……YES!! “Not your circus, Not your monkeys” OMG, wish I had heard that a long time ago…… takes a while for some of us but we do get there……..”with a little help from our friends” Enjoy EYF!

  15. As others have said, we can’t get enough of your crofthooses, so as long as you love the design, keep them coming because we will scoop them up. As for the other, our family has one, too. Don’t let your relative drag you down, either psychically or physically. Only they can heal themselves because they must take personal responsibility. Stand by to welcome them out the other side. Have a great time at EYF.

  16. Hi again…I was so excited to read you were thinking about creating more designs with the Crofthouse motif, I quickly threw in my two cents. Then I went back and finished reading your post. Without going overboard, I’ll just say I am so sorry for the challenges you, your loved ones and the person with addiction are facing. Many of us have been through the same. Too many. We all have had some degree of painful experiences in life and some of us knew no other way than through addiction to deal with what felt too big and too painful. Just couldn’t cope. Let the person know, no matter what, you love them, because that is one of the greatest gifts to share. And acknowledge your own feelings around the relationship to help keep things moving in you, otherwise it can drain the life out of ya holding on to that stuff. Take care and enjoy all the beauty in your life. You are a sweet soul. We are all so lucky to share in your creative gifts. Be well and have fun in Edinburgh. Yarn therapy is a yummy balm!!!

  17. I’m so glad you were the patron this past year and that I have been able to meet you virtually and hear about your beautiful designs! Enjoy the festival and I’m sending best of luck to you and your family; sorry to hear things are difficult at the moment.

  18. Hello Ella..feel so bad for’s really hard when there is a family issue, and it pulls you down because you are a caring and sensitive person..totally understand…going to Edinburgh, and trying to work on your designing , will help you put it in your new you think you might have some bigger sizes in your pattern..I am 48 bust plus and was really bummed out that your croft house sweater did not go up that big…yes croft houses are so fun ..I don’t think you have worn them out in Ontario, people always stop and ask me about my hat..take care, and get lots of hugs from your friends..hugs are my form of therapy, to get and to give…hugs pat j

  19. Good to hear from you! Have fun at EYF! I hope to get there one day… until then i will rely on you to tell the stories and buy the yarn!!

  20. Ella, The Crofthoose design is really your trademark and already an automatic association so continue expanding and developing until you don’t want to anymore.

    Take Life at your own pace – you aren’t under obligation to perform or produce for us.

    See you this weekend at EYF! Safe travels!

  21. Thanks for the tip about the Crofthoose Hat, now duly downloaded! I agree that this is your trademark design and you should follow your designer’s instincts and see where they lead you. I am really looking forward to seeing you at the Yarn Festival and will look forward to a post about your purchases, maybe another vlog! Thank you for brightening our days with your posts, life is busy for all of us and you don’t have to be posting every week to bring a smile to our faces when a new post pops into our inboxes. You should feel greatly valued for what you do, not worried about anything you don’t do. You’re a very refreshing and distinctive voice in the knitwear world.

  22. Great to read you new post…I love your new yoke design very modern and traditional combined. I think your croft hooses are the best both simple and versatile so do keep on using them.

    Sadly a great deal of my own experience of life has been spent growing up in the chaos of an alcoholic father and marrying a man rather similar although his drugs of choice were different. Now at the grand old age of nearly 64 I feel I can say to you hang in there. All things do indeed pass and we emerge as from a dark tunnel with fresh eyes and the wisdom of the ancients which stands you in good stead for the rest of your life.

  23. Congrats on your year of being the Patron. It’s been a real pleasure to see your designs and I’m so glad it has been a positive experience for you.
    This Jan and Feb have felt like tough ones for a number of people I know. Sorry to hear life has been taking a toll on your and your energy. Do take care of yourself and ask for help if you need it. You are not alone!

    I will keep my eye out for your lovely jumper at EYF. Will we see a video of all your purchases? My list and budget are ready and I always find it interesting to hear about what things caught other people’s eye.

  24. Sorry to hear about your family problems. I really love the crofthoose pattern, and have made one toorie, though not managed to sew in the ends yet! A yoke cardigan is on the horizon, so your new pattern may just fit the bill. Enjoy Edinburgh, and try not to worry too much (easier said than done, I know).

  25. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time. So difficult to be creative when your soul is overcome. Away is good– maybe for an extended time. You do have to think about yourself

  26. Ah, the addiction thing is tough. I just tell myself I can’t fix them no matter what I do or how much I love them, and repeat it over and over. It’s still hard, though! Another family member likes Al Anon meetings. Do they have those in the UK? It’s where family members of addicts/alcoholics can talk about what they’re going through. *Hugs*.

  27. I have enjoyed seeing the crofthooses popping up all year and I love my hat. Sadly, I thought I had the pattern downloaded and saved although I am happy to hear it will be available in your shop, thank you (nice to know I can still get a copy, as I cannot find mine–good grief!). {[]:-)

    Enjoy the yarn festival and take care of yourself because family issues can be really tough. Wishing you the best and I am anxious to see more wonderful designs in the future!

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