edinburgh yarn festival 2017

Hello everyone, yes I am back from Edinburgh! Well actually I got back on Sunday but i’ve had a busy week of work so today I got organised and filmed my EYF haul! I had a great time and spend quite a bit of moola so if your interested to see what I bought have a watch below..

Things mentioned:

Edinburgh Yarn Festival

Brooklyn Tweed

Uist Wool

La Bien Aimee

Interpretations Vol 4

Shetland Wool Week

Little Grey Sheep

Ysolda Blend 1


Easy brioche cowl pattern: newsprint cowl

I hope you enjoy the video, thank you so much for all the kind comments and messages on my last post, its nice to know you are not alone sometimes..

Happy Knitting!

5 thoughts on “edinburgh yarn festival 2017

  1. Hi Ella..so fun to hear and see what you bought at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival…I love the sweater you are wearing ..is this your new design ..I kept waiting for you to say something about it..would love to hear….really , really hope it’s in bigger sizes..I am a 48 plus ease..I would love to make ..lol, see that you are preoccupied with greys..love the greys in your sweater..cheers pat j

  2. It’s funny; I’ve been dreaming of a ’70s-inspired ski sweater in black with a grey, white, and yellow colourwork yoke. Seems like a good colour combination. Love your haul!

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