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Hi everyone, the other day I finished something I’ve been knitting on and the recipient was here for a couple of days before she jets off again so I took the chance to get some photos of my pal Vivian in her new Ola Yoke! It has taken me a bit longer than planned to get it finished but I hope it was worth it!

While I was knitting my original sample I wondered about making a two colour version, I’m always interested to see how different Fair Isle looks depending on your colour choice and the I thought the graphic motif of the Norwegian star I chose to use would look very Scandinavian in just two colours and I think I was right!

I used J&S 2ply Jumper Weight in shade 54 for the main shade and Brooklyn Tweed Loft in Snowbound for the yoke, Snowbound is a nearly white light grey so I knew the contrast would be really good and it would stand out.

I’m so pleased with how the finished jumper came out and it really suits Vivian so I am really happy with it, Vivian has started knitting and just finished her first jumper.. she chose to knit a Vatsland so we also took a couple of pictures of it..

She actually used the exact same colours as my original sample but changed the main colour from Sweatshirt to Hayloft and again I’m amazed how different it looks but it is totally her style and again really suits her. She is heading off to Canada today for an Art Project which you can read more about on her blog here, so I hope her new jumpers keep her warm! Speak soon xx


5 thoughts on “vivians ola

  1. I really like the Vivian version of Ola. I am still on the body of the sweater and have been looking at my Shetland stash thinking about the colorway I could put together for the fun part. But you have given me the two color idea, which had not entered my mind. I have Snowbound and Fossil in my stash and will definitely consider that. I love both versions so perhaps I shall, have to knit two, also. Thanks for this post, Ella.

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