still here…

Hello everyone, yes I’m still here! Sorry its been so quiet around here. The dark Shetland winter is in full swing and yet again my knitting mojo left me for a couple of months :( It’s very frustrating and the past little while I’ve been feeling quite disappointed in myself. I have lots of ideas but sometimes life and work all gets in the way and I can’t seem to get anything done! I did do the Craft Fair in November so that took up a lot of time for a little while and I sold all of my cushions at the Fair and the (loved) leftovers on instagram.

But for 2018 I am hopeful to be more active and already have some things planned and on the needles.. I have decided to try Bullet Journaling to see if it can help me be more organised and productive (har har but we must try some things..!)

I can’t forget though that this year I have managed to publish 7 patterns – 4 in books/magazines and 3 myself. The Tvier Fingerless Gloves which were in the 2017 Shetland Wool Week Annual, the Shaila Mittens which featured in A Year Of Techniques, the Hals Cowl from Rib Magazine and the Uyea Legwarmers that were in Jamieson & Smith: A Shetland Story – a proud achievement for me at work this year.

In my own self-published designs – the Crofthoose Vest, Vatsland Jumper and Ola Yoke all came out this year and I am very proud of them.. in particular, the response to Vatsland and Ola has been really good, so thank you to everyone for that :)

I love to see finished projects people have made with my patterns and this year I have seen lots of lovely ones on Ravelry..

top row: 1, 2, 3 middle row 1, 2, 3 bottom row 1, 2, 3

So.. looking at those has cheered me up. I wanted to ask what kind of posts you would like to see from me here? I have kind of gotten out of the way of blogging which becomes increasingly more difficult the less you do it so if you have any ideas let me know.

I’d like to wish all of you who read here a Happy Christmas and thank you for the support and comments and I promise to be a bit less useless going forward..

Speak soon xxx

29 thoughts on “still here…

  1. Don’t despair, your mojo will return. I too have decided to do a bullet journal for 2018. I need to get some order in my life!! Happy Christmas!

  2. Ella, I think you’re being too hard on yourself. You’re allowed to have a break from the constant work and knitting and designing. Give yourself some time and I am sure that the creative juices will flow once again. I wish you a very happy 2018!

  3. Merriest of Christmases to you Ella. Greetings from Ontario Canada. There’s a wee bit of snow on the ground here, just enough to make it nice. I too have had my knitting mojo go flat. I was horrified to think that this might be the end. Yikes. LOL but never fear a short break was all it was and off I went again. Blessings to you.

  4. Ella ~ you’re amazing! Love all of your patterns ♡ My knitting mojo is on vacation, too. It’s ok, 2018 will be better. Merriest of Christmases to you and yours!

  5. You did very well this year, better than I did. I have all these ideas and I need STAFF LOL Merry Christmas.
    Happy New Year

  6. Always happy to hear about anything Shetland, even if it doesn’t involve wool. And of course anything wooly, from sheep to knitting. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  7. Hi Ella, You have a wonderful sense of color. For all of us far away who can only buy wool from Shetland online, maybe you could share some of your favorite color combinations. Thanks.

  8. Hello Ella..ah, don’t be so hard on yourself..your not a a Knitter I have those dry times too….look at all your lovely pillows…love when you write and photograph about anything on Shetland, wool , sheep , knitting, or the land and the sea..wish I was there..Merry Christmas and the best New Year….pat j

  9. Be more patient with yourself Ella! Your gifts and talents touch a lot of lives and feed our knitting mojos. We are thankful for you! Rest and enjoy your Christmas!

  10. I am not much help, but anything you write is appreciated. I would not expect you to do it often. I love your photos of the Shetlands, and when you knit, being a new pattern, or an old one, I love to see your work.

  11. Hi Elle,
    Happy Christmas.
    I love to see the projects you are working on, and what you plan to make. We all need to stop and take stock after a time, so don’t worry.
    I also would like your advice about colour combinations, as this is not my greatest strength, and as the previous writer wrote, we can only see the colours on the screen, though I realise this blog is not about the yarn.
    Take care, Karen.

  12. You are too hard on yourself! No more apologies, girl, just keep on having your lovely adventures and creating your lovely designs! We are all proud of you. You have accomplished a great deal in your career and have an impressive body of work (I ADORE the Tvier Mitts!), and you are still a young ‘un!

  13. Hi Ella, I really enjoy your work. I’d love a blog or video about your favourite knitting books, as I think you have quite a collection. I really enjoy your videos, too.

  14. Oh my! I am almost 50 and feeling that I was not brave enough in my life, altho some may argue, but those who know me will understand what I mean. You have followed your heart and are doing amazing things and heavens, I love hearing about what you are up to! To you it may be everyday, but it is interesting to me, and others too, or we would not read your blog! I love hearing about what inspires people, and stories of the small steps they take toward their dreams. Or even just the next lovely thing they are working on, or not… maybe just a walk along the shore or whatever they do to rest up and recreate themselves. A woman I knew once pointed out that recreate was the root of recreation, ie that need to relax and breathe and find a little space, or perhaps just make something for fun, not for work or to Design etc… Anyway! Kudos to you! And no worries, I think almost being 50 causes some introspection, but I also do have a few long held dreams that I am going to work on, in small steps, because life is a bit busy at times! :-) All the best, and Merry Christmas!

  15. Wow. What a great year you’ve had. I wasn’t aware of the Hals Cowl, I like it a lot. And all this alongside personal appearances and a full-time job too.
    You are my connection to Shetland; you educate me, inspire me and give me confidence. Don’t measure yourself on pattern designs alone.
    I love your vlogs. They are so human, so real and they are the next best thing to having coffee with you and talking about our knitting.

  16. Ella, you have accomplished a lot this year! Heavens, we should all be so productive! My mom and sis visited Shetland in October. I told them if they did nothing else, track you down and say hello. They apparently did nothing else because they arrived home and said no, they did not meet you. But for Christmas they brought me some of your lovely yarn and the wool week 2017 annual. So I’ve a bit of shetland here with me now. I wonder what I shall make?

  17. You sound like me with the guitar; I try to stay patient and know that I’ll come back to it. I would love to see glimpses into Shetland life in the off season, now that I’ve traveled there in the summer. I’m sure there are many things that seem boring to those who live there but would be of interest to us, your readers. Happy Christmas and all the best for 2018!

  18. Hi Ella,
    Congrats on all you’ve done this year! It is all quite impressive.
    Not to be a psychiatrist – but creativity is dependent on rest. Rest is SO important. (Me? I’m learning this the hard way.)
    Your videos are always a pleasure to listen to as I knit. Also, have you thought about having a KAL in your Ravelry group? I think that could be a lot of fun.

    Merry Christmas,


  19. Hi Ella
    Please don’t feel disappointed in yourself. You are brave and have already accomplished so much. I love everything you work on. I like the way you bring Shetland to life, I like your patterns, your blogs and your vlogs. I have been working on your crofthoose mitts and I have enjoyed it a lot. It’s always a pleasure to see what you are up to. Take a good rest and some sunshine if you can. You will feel better soon.
    Merry Christmas

  20. Hello Ella and Happy Christmas! SENDING HUGE HUGS AND BIG MISSY ELLIOTT DANCE TUNES TO YOUR MOJO! You are amazing and your designs are fantastic. We are really lucky to get any glimpses of the context, process and richness of your work when you have time and resources to share that stuff here. When you don’t, I hope you can get loads of revitalising things like rest, laughter, hugs and cakes xxx onwards into 2018 with many turbos! xxx

  21. Please just leave us a very brief sentence or two, and a photo or two of regular life for you…..the walk to work, the market, a drink in the pub, musicians, tea with the people you work with. Your life is so different from ours, but yet the same in many ways. It may seem ordinary to you, but we love a little peek into it! Raise a glass to a better new year for all of us! hug from Maine.

  22. Ella, we love you and I encourage you not to worry about the frequency of your blogging. You have a life to lead outside of knitting and wool, it’s essential to have that balance. Also, even small tidbits from you are interesting. Inspiration for your craft can only happen if you feed it with a richness of everyday life, study and, reflecting on those. You have accomplished a lot this year, give yourself credit for that. Going forward, what I personally would like to see in your blog is more of what you are already doing: news from your travels and special events, about Shetland itself, about the authenticity in culturally based knitting alluded to a year ago, Shetland and related North Atlantic knitting (such as explaining more about items in your your knitwear collection), and your interpretation on how you honor the history of knitwear in Shetland and then reinterpret it for the outside world with updated uses and patterns..Best wishes from Canada.

    1. Completely agree with Risa here, your thoughts on the Shetland traditions and how they translate into contemporary knitting and yarn are always really interesting. I’d also second the suggestions for something looking at colour choices. I made your hap cowl with my own choices and I think I’d have done better with one of yours (but the recipient likes it!).
      I always enjoy your blog posts, whatever the subject.

  23. I just wrote a long overdue blog post about last year, and I think there must’ve been something going ’round. We all need breaks, and we all need to reset sometimes. Glad you’re back! As for organizational tools, I’m in love with the Get to Work book. I’m on my third year with it. Here’s to a new year that replenishes us all!

  24. You had quite the year in 2017 and here’s to a wonderful, positive 2018!
    I am usually a person that cultivates disorganization naturally, but I found bullet journaling to be the only thing that stuck for me and made sense. I was especially successful once I realized I must use a notebook that fits into my pocket (I use 3″x5″ Moleskeins). I need it on my person so I can write stuff at a moment’s notice and since I don’t have a desk job I don’t want to be running around trying to find my journal.
    Any how- best of luck in your new endeavors! It’s a pleasure to be along for the ride via the blog.

  25. Dreich day, hardly any damn daylight, how to lift the mood ?, eat entire box of chocolate fig bonbons saved since Christmas.?.. wait, wonder how Ella’s doing, check her blog. Totally worked … loved the Wool Week video… so many fine things…what though is this worry about productivity on the Christmas Eve post ?… two thoughts:
    1. The development of artists and designers does not run to annual timetables; there may be a year with something deeper going on, where you change direction or learn new skills. Try instead of measuring output each year to think when did you connect with people, environments, whatever, or which projects gave you that flow feeling and how can you build on that so you feel engaged, certainly not going through the motions or doing what you think may be expected.
    2. Feel secure, you were such a talent at college and you’ve developed all this by yourself… it won’t go away now… you can have time out…or post a photograph from Lerwick for a couple of months… for your readers abroad even the colours in the stone pavements and the harbour would be of interest.
    Above all Have a Happy Year.
    Am going to open the box NOW ! x

  26. I don’t read blogs to often, but I really like yours. Just saw this post now, and felt really proud and honoured to see my Ola yoke there!
    I hope you got your mojo back by now – I guess you did, with the stunning blue Adenia yoke being published and all.

    Love to read about all things Shetland (longing to return in 2019), and would also like to read about how you go about recreating vintage sweaters. But maybe that’s something you don’t want to share to much… Love seeing your vintage finds anyways.
    xx Sara

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