moorie cardigan

hello! I survived Wool Week, I’m not going to lie – this year was pretty full on and I still feel like I’m getting over it! but today I thought id share a few pictures of an exciting design I have featured in an upcoming magazine.

My Moorie Cardigan is featured in issue 6 of Making: Black and White, I like to use colour in my designs so this was a good exercise for me in restraint – haha! I’m really pleased with the final cardi, it’s quite subtle (for me!) but still I think is my style.

What I ended up designing was the above cardigan, it features a slightly A-line shape, buttons at the neck and a subtle yoke design. Moorie is the Shetland word for a blizzard which I’m sure you can understand from the yoke motif I chose to use, I first saw it in a book containing Faroese motif’s but I have since found it in one of my Shetland pattern books. We don’t tend to get much snow in Shetland (I can just about remember THE BIG SNOW of 1995) but you see lots of snow-related motif’s.

As you can see I also modelled the cardi for the magazine which was exciting, the ladies from making were in Shetland so they asked me to model my design along with Gudrun and Mary Janes designs too, sometimes I get a bit sick of my face though so I can’t wait to see it on other people too! I knit it in 2ply Jumper Weight from my work in shades 81 and 1. I want to make myself another one – perhaps a jumper and I’m debating what colours to do, something in me wants to do it totally wild – like pink and orange!

The body is knit flat and then when you join the sleeves on you cast on extra stitches and the yoke is steeked, I wanted to just add a few buttons to the neck to try and keep it as simple and throw on as possible.

although the day I modelled the cardi it wasn’t particularly warm it was still summer so the idea of wearing it seemed pretty far off, here in Shetland the weather has changed a lot and the nights are really drawing in and getting darker earlier and earlier. I feel something akin to doom thinking about that, I’m struggling at the moment and my mood is not helped by the wind and rain. I will try and hope for dry and bright days.

Speak soon. x

15 thoughts on “moorie cardigan

  1. Lovely! I think the pink and orange would be amazing! Great to see you during Wool Week. The whole week met all my expectations. We will be back in 2020.

  2. I love this Ella. The little snowflakes are so pretty, although now I’ll have to think of them as great big snowflakes. I think the design has a lot of mileage as a sweater

  3. What a great design, Ella. Like you, I’m thinking about bright, crazy colors, though the black and white combination is lovely, too.

  4. The cardigan is lovely, Ella, and the black and white really suits you. I’m sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment. I can identify with that feeling of doom with the approaching winter. My corner of British Columbia is much like Shetland. We don’t get a lot of snow, but we do get lots of rain and wind. This year I’m being more proactive about things and coming up with ideas ahead of time to help me get through. I hope you are able to do the same. Take care!

  5. I love the elegance of this new design.
    On my computer or in my brain, the distance shot looks like there is a blue tone in the yoke. Color blending is mysterious.

  6. I was teetering on whether to buy this Making or not, and now I am sold! I love this sweater. It will take me a while to make it, but it is a lovely lovely piece!

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